Friday Favorites #152 – Memorial Day Sales

Hey, hey, hey! Let’s hear it for Memorial Day #rhyme and 3 day weekends! All the praise hands. Now, if it only felt like Memorial Day in these here parts. Our temps have been in the 60’s and 70’s and closer to the lower end. You’re looking at a girl who is ready for summer, and lived her entire life with Memorial Day signaling just that. (of course 9/10 it would rain for the pool opening). Good thing I’m patient, because summer is taking it’s sweet time. At least there’s always Friday, so let’s get right to Friday Favorites and see what’s up.

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What’s one of your favorite things about Memorial Day? If you’re saying sales, I’m nodding and saying “AMEN”. Our friends at Accessory Concierge have started celebrating already and are giving us 30% off site wide. My tassel necklace is one of my most worn pieces in spring and summer and I think you need it!😉Here are a few more pieces I think you might enjoy too.

How cute is this blue and white striped blouse? Can you even believe it’s just shy of $14? I love the ruffle sleeves and the ruffle at the neck AND it’s 100% cotton. I’m a huge fan of all things NOT polyester. LOL Goodbye 70’s polyester and hello cotton. I sized up and ordered a medium as I do with most Amazon fashion pieces and it was perfect. I also have to give a shout out to my white jeans. They MVP of spring and summer for this girl. I feel like I wear them all the time. I adore the double frayed hem and Loft white jeans are the only brand I’ve found that don’t show things I’m trying to conceal. (I’m looking at you cellulite, you beast). Last but not least, I finally got my makeup TB Miller’s and love them. I sized up a half for this pair. I hadn’t read that when I got my first pair and bought my normal size, but I do think I like the 7.5’s a little better.


I mentioned in Wednesday’s post a blurb about Rocksbox. I was recently contacted and asked if I’d like to collaborate for a few months. Well of course I would. Y’all know how I feel about jewelry.❤️Rocksbox is like StitchFix, but for jewelry. Try before you buy. Yes, please! Here are the highlights of the program.
~FREE Shipping – Both ways~
~Personalized Service from your Stylist~
~$21 membership fee can be applied as monthly credit to buy what you love from your box~
~Extra $10 off when you buy all 3 pieces in your set~

You fill out a survey with your likes and preferences and are sent a box with 3 pieces of jewelry in it. Before it’s sent, you’re given the opportunity to switch out pieces that have been chosen for you for pieces of your choosing if you aren’t feeling the ones your stylist picked. (I did this) The earrings, bracelet and ring I’m wearing are the 3 pieces I received.

Once your box arrives, you can wear the pieces as long as you like (as long as you are paying the $21 monthly fee.) You can also wear them for a day or two, send them back and get 3 new pieces. There’s no limit to how many times you trade out your box. Have a wedding or special event, but don’t have the right pieces of jewelry? Send your stylist a picture of your dress/outfit and she’ll find pieces to compliment it. How cool is that?
Use my code COASTTOCOAST2XOXO and get your first month FREE.
#tryit #ithinkyoulllikeit


Do you have a favorite pair of PJ’s? I found mine a few years ago at Gap Factory of all places and have been wearing them ever since. They’re soft, they’re comfy and they’re affordable. Ding-ding-ding! We have a winner! OH and did I mention they have pockets?🙌🏻 They’re on sale (hello Memorial Day!) and if you use code SUNNY☀️you’ll get an EXTRA 15% off.

These cami’s are also my all time favorite and I have a drawer full. They are never this cheap, so I’d throw a few in your cart with the jammies for good measure. They are perfect for layering or sleeping in.

Nordstrom is having a half yearly sale. One of their 3 big sales of the year, and a great time to grab a few things for summer. I’ve ordered some of these (shocking, I know. HA!) and can’t wait for them to arrive. I’m most anxious to see if the Marc Fisher pink and red sandals work for me. They are so adorable.

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Have a great weekend friends.


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