Friday Favorites #151

Happy Friday friends! Do you ever get tired of hearing that? HA! I highly doubt it. I always love Friday’s, but not so much this week…Katie goes back to Nashville tomorrow. Insert the sad emojis here. I’ve got some Friday Favorites to share though, and that’s definitely a happy thing.

Coast to Coast Friday Favorites
Friday Favorites
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Of course my absolute favorite thing this week was having this girl home. We didn’t take any “good” pictures together, but this is pretty much what we did all week. She was ready for some major down time after a very hard junior year and hour after hour of studying. #shessosmart

So I wore this necklace to bible study last week and I was putting away a table and it got caught and the stone broke off. Whaaaa! I contacted Accessory Concierge to see if they could just mail me a little replacement ring and they told me just to send it in and they’d fix it. 🙌🏻#thankyouforgreatcustomerservice

Y’all know I have quite a few items from AC and I just recently got these to use as sarongs at the beach this summer. Here are some of my favorites, and P.S…they make great gifts.

I was just running out of perfume when Kent asked what I wanted for Mother’s Day. He knew he’d be getting a couple of phone calls inquiring. LOL! I was looking at this TB perfume and he said not to buy it. #winkwink Sure enough, they came through on Mother’s Day and gave me this. I had a sample I had used recently and when I did Kent and a few others noticed the scent. YAY! That’s what prompted me to get instead of my normal fragrances. I like a floral that’s not overpowering and this is just that. Not at all “old lady” smelling. (that’s how Kent describes some fragrances. HA!)

Do I even have to tell you how excited I was to find these gems? I bought the towel and pillow and ordered a tray. (I wish there was some kind of cup/mug) You’d have thought I’d found the golden egg when I found these. I mean seriously, it’s like Target was thinking about me when they made them. They’re my font and colors…hmmm…maybe I should be getting some kind of royalties.

I’ve been making this salad dressing a lot lately and using it on various salads. This little salad dressing shaker bottle is just perfect for mixing it in, and then giving it a good shake and even better, storing it in the fridge.


SALE ALERT: My round brush blow dryer is currently on sale (20% off) at Target, Amazon and Ulta. I love this baby. I haven’t used my flat iron since purchasing it and I think it’s much better for my hair. If you’ve been kicking around the idea of getting one, now’s the time!


How about this cute little top? I saw one almost identical to it last year on the Nordstrom site, but this one is from…wait for it…Amazon. LOL I bet you’re not even surprised. It’s soft, it’s swingy, it’s sweet and perfect for summer. Check out my sandals. Yep, I finally did it. I got the TB Millers in makeup. I also have to give an honorable mention to my jeans. These are KUT from the Kloth and they have the absolute perfect amount of stretch and never bag out. #yesplease

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