How to find the Perfect Summer Hat

Hey y’all. Well summer is upon us and hats seem to be having a moment. Whether you wear one on the daily for the sake of fashion, or like me, just wear one for sun protection, there are hats a plenty out there. I wore a baseball hat when in the sun for years and years, but decided a couple of years ago to transition to something a little larger to also help protect my chest. On a side note: It’s so important to guard our skin from the sun, but particularly our faces. Nothing ages a woman’s face like sun damage. You feel me? Since I’m on the hunt to find the perfect summer hat. Today I’m going to share a recent order I placed at Nordstrom for 5 different (albeit similar) hats, and tips on how to find the perfect summer hat.

There was a period of time back in the early 90’s when I did actually wear a few hats…channeling my inner Princess Diana. This happened to coincide with when Kent and I met. He has always liked me in hats. I don’t know if it’s because they legit look good or because they bring those feelings you have when you are first getting to know that special someone. Either way, he still likes it when I put a hat on. #ithinkthatssweet

At the end of the post, I’ll share a few tips for deciding on a hat that works for you.

First up is the Joanna straw hat. I decided to show all of these with my hair down and up. This one was my favorite. It was a size medium, but I actually needed a small.

The smallest of all the hats was this woven raffia hat. I think it looks cute with my hair up, when it’s down, my hair outweighs the hat.

I’ve seen women at the beach wearing these “visors” with the top cut out and thought they were cute…on them. Not so much on me. However, look how easy it would be to pack. It’s also crazy how the roots of my hair look totally gray in this hat. #notagoodlook

This Mesa Packable Straw hat was pretty good and I had pretty good visibility with it. Some of them came down so far on head that my line of vision was really blocked.

Last up for this round was this Wide Brim Straw hat. Most of these hats have “bendable” edges allowing you to slightly alter the shape. Again, this one was hard as far as seeing with it on, but was a cute hat.

Shop these hats here

Target is another good resource for hats and here are my top picks

I’ve concluded that hats look best on me with my hair up. I think maybe all this hair competes too much with the hats. Of course I have had several inches removed since taking these pictures.

There are a bunch of hats out there. I also tried this one from Amazon that a ton of bloggers have and it looks so cute on them, but we (Kent & I) didn’t think it looked all that great on me. Here are a few more choices from Amazon.

Now let’s talk tips for finding the right hat for you.
1~ Look for hats that match your features. If you have a smaller face with more delicate features, you’re going to want a hat that’s not huge and going to over power your face.
2~ Hats are kind of like humans. Opposites attract. If you have a round face, you’re not going to want a hat with a rounded top. You’ll want something with a more structured/angular feel.
3~ If your face is long look for a hat with a broader brim or a floppy hat will help offset the length.
4~ If your face is square or you have a really strong jaw line, go for a floppy hat or something with softer lines.
5~ Heart shaped faces are the luckiest. They look good in most all hats.

So what are your thoughts on hats? Do you wear them? Maybe you have a collection. I can see how that could happen once you get one or two…kinda like shoes. LOL

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