Spring Transition Outfit

Hi friends! I’m glad you’re here. I don’t know about you, but I get up one day and it’s sunny and warm(ish), and then the very next day it’s back to gray (how do you spell that?) and cool(ish). I think our weather has a split personality. I’m ready for a little predictability. Today I’m sharing a great idea for a spring transition outfit. It’s pretty much a no fail formula.

This outfit screams spring, and it’s math anyone can do.
Top + jeans + sweater + cute accessories = perfection.
The best part about this formula is that you can mix, match and interchange pieces in your closet. I love having sweet little tops that can stand on their own or be paired with sweaters, ponchos, kimonos or denim jackets. When I’m looking at little tops like this. (Lets refer to them as shells, that’s what my mom has always called them) I’m thinking about a couple of things. Is it neutral will play well with others, or does it have enough colors in it to go with a lot of different things. This one has a lot of this summers popular colors.

This sweater has also been around a couple of seasons, but the lavender is new for spring. It’s baby soft and the color is gorgeous.

I bought these double frayed hem jeans last year at Loft and they brought them back this year. I mean what’s better than a frayed hem? A double frayed hem. HA! It is seriously a cute detail and they are available in a pale green chino, thicket green jeans, dark denim, andburgundy or teal denim.

I find myself wearing my snakeskin flats a lot. I’m reaching for them in places I would have previously worn my leopard…but not to worry, I’m still wearing those too. The snakeskin just have more of a spring feel with the lighter tones, but can still be used for pattern mixing.

And I’m still wearing and loving my new JORD watch. It’s the perfect compliment to my spring outfits.

If you’re looking for some cute little shells to wear alone or layered, here are some of my picks and a couple sweater options to go with them.

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