Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Hi friends! It’s been a sweet forever since I did a gift guide so I decided it was high time. Easter is just a few short days away and the focus is all about the kids for this one. I mean, I could go down the road of the real meaning of celebrating Easter, but that’s not what this is about. Once we get the bunny behind us it’s time to focus on, who else? MOM!!! Now I personally believe everyday should be Mother’s Day. 😉We are after all the glue that holds everything together. Am I right? Has your family started asking what you want to receive? Let me suggest leaving this post up on the screen of your computer so they can get some ideas from my Mother’s Day gift guide. I got you girls!

Some of the things I put in this are repeats. I just won’t rest until y’all have these. They’re just that good, and if I could, I send them to you myself. If you still want more ideas, check out this gift guide or this one.

1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8 || 9 || 10 || 11 || 12 || 13 || 14 || 15 || 16 || 17

ONE – Acrylic earrings are everywhere. One of the best things about them besides how cool they look is how light they are.

TWO – My favorite spring/summer necklace. This necklace adds the perfect pop of color and fun to so many summer outfits, but especially black and white.

THREE – Another one of my personal favs. This Kendra Scott tassel pendant goes with all the pinks and purples so beautifully and the chain is adjustable.

FOUR – A simple pendant with moms initial or one for each of her kids that she can layer.

FIVE – If you don’t already have a favorite candle, you will after this one. Have you ever walked into Anthropologie and just wanted to stay there because it smells so good? This candle is responsible for that smell.

SIX – This is on my personal wish list. I need a stand for my phone. Especially when I’m using my Marco Polo app. I currently lean my phone on a glass. This wold work much better. (edit: I changed the link to one that looks the same but it’s adjustable…and I just put it in my cart😉)

SEVEN – THIS! I haven’t used my flat iron once since getting this brush dryer.!

EIGHT – The mini version of number 5. Maybe you’re putting together a bunch of fun goodies. #1, #6, #8 and #11, #12 or #13, would make a great gift.

NINE – A new case for her computer is always nice. I get bored and want to change mine, plus I somehow always break the corners.

TEN – How cute is this sign? And the saying is just the sweetest!

ELEVEN – A travel coffee mug. Enough said.

TWELVE / THIRTEEN – I’ve developed a weird obsession for coffee mugs and collecting them. These are both super cute.

FOURTEEN – One of my favorite summer sandals. I wear these so much during the summer and they add the perfect pop of leopard, especially with gingham.

FIFTEEN – I just bought this Madewell tote for myself. (I just couldn’t wait) It’s 40% off right now and a great deal. I also bought this organizer to go in it.

SIXTEEN – Y’all know it’s no secret that I ah-dore my Barrington Tote and a new one in a fun spring pattern would be a happy surprise.

SEVENTEEN – This spring and summer a cute straw purse is a must have. This one will hold all your stuff and still look on trend.

I hope this helps you find something for your mom or gives you some ideas when your people ask what you want.

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