Boho Dress and Affordable Sunglasses

When will I ever learn? I find things I want to share with y’all, get them photographed and then they sit in the queue while I get distracted. #squirrel That’s what happened with this cute Boho dress, and now it’s almost sold out. Luckily I found some similar styles to link and that led to stumbling on a top I have to share too. LOL! So I’ve got a Boho dress and a pair of affordable sunglasses along with some tops I think you’ll like. Just sit back and relax, because I’m getting ready to overshare.

Before I go any further though I want to introduce you to a new blog friend. Meet Susanne from Thompson Hill. When Susanne reached out and asked me would I be interested in introducing each other I was like, heck yeah. Finding new blogs and bloggers who share my interests and style is a favorite. Susanne is an empty nester just like me and enjoys all things lifestyle. From fashion, to cooking, to decorating, to entertaining and DIY. I hope when you get done reading my post, you’ll visit her blog and see what she’s sharing.

Now let’s talk about this dress. How cute is it? I probably don’t even need to tell you where I found it, but I will. Target. Yep, Target does it again. Are you familiar with the Knox Rose brand? It has a Free People feel with a much smaller price tag. Yes! This dress is almost sold out, but here are a couple of options with the same feel.

Now let me tell you about these new sunglasses I received to review. I have a pretty good selection of sunglasses thanks to great eye insurance. They are all prescription and (ahem…dare I say it) have bifocals. Yes, I’m a member of the can’t read small print club.

Some people have a hard time hanging on to a single pair of sunglasses and need to have multiples. These would be a great option for that. The pair I chose are a black and tortoise shell fade, it’s the perfect subtle touch of tortoise shell. They are super lightweight and look like some of my more expensive glasses. I think they will be perfect for times when I’m going someplace and I don’t want to worry about losing an expensive pair or breaking them.

There are two things I always have with me when I leave the house. My phone and my sunglasses and I hate it when I forget either one.

These Knockaround sunglasses come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes and if you click HERE you can get 15% off. These are comparable to what you’d find at Target and around the same price point.

I have one more thing to share with you. Last year I got this top and was head over heels for it. I actually also got a floral version. Well when I was looking for dresses to share with y’all I saw it’s available again this year in a beautiful blue color. Not kidding guys, this is the perfect top for 3 of the 4 seasons. It’s great solo or for layering and the smocking is such a fun detail along with the sleeves. You can also tie the front for different look.

NashBash, #murals, #blogger

Check out these other tops that are all from the same Knox Rose line as the dress.

Don’t forget to check out Susanne’s post at Thompson Hill and tell her I sent you. I think you’ll really like her.

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