Friday Favorites #144

Hey ya’ll and happy Friday. The last Friday of March to be exact, and actually the next time we’re back here together will be April 1st.
No foolin’. ? You know what Friday brings with it, Friday Favorites.

Friday Favorites - COAST TO COAST

This Friday I’m excited to be teaming up with Tania from 50 is Not Old for ‘Friday with Friends’ . So if you are here from her blog, Welcome! I’m so happy you popped over to check out Coast to Coast. If you’re one of my sweet regulars, be sure to hop over and check out her blog when you finish here.

When Tania contacted me and asked if I was game it took me about a nano-second to know I loved this idea. I also love the name of her blog. I mean let’s face it, 50 really isn’t old. We are just hitting our stride, getting comfortable in our own skin and looking ahead instead of behind.

I have to share with y’all this funny story and a true example of just what a small world it is we all really live in. Tania told me she was from Virginia in her email. Well naturally I asked where in VA because I too am a Virginia girl. I told her I was from Richmond, and she said she was from a tiny town on the opposite side of the state. Grundy. Are you kidding me? Grundy is the town next door to the towns my parents are from. As if that isn’t crazy enough, it’s also the town one of my cousins lives in (there are 30 of us btw…our moms are sisters, and 2 of 10 children). Anyway, wouldn’t you know she goes to church with him and his family. Seriously y’all…C-R-A-Z-Y! AND, if that isn’t enough in common, Tania and I are both Rodan + Fields Consultants. We are living in parallel universes all the way across the country. HA!


It’s about this time of year, every year I can no longer take the pasty white feeling I have. My glow from last summer is 100% gone. I don’t know about you, but I truly feel better about myself when I have a little natural color. I think I just look healthier (and happier). I use my Rodan + Fields Foaming Tanner for my body, but for my face I prefer a product that’s made specifically for that purpose. I’ve used these in the past and like that it truly is gradual and very natural looking.

St. Tropez Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water Face Mist

I’ve been shopping the Ulta 21 Days of Beauty this month. In case you’re not familiar, they offer certain products for one day only at 50% off. YASSS!!! Last week I ordered this spray. I’ve heard lots of great things about the St. Tropez line and this Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water Face Mist sounds like the bomb. You can apply it under or over you makeup and use it on your neck and chest for an added pick me up. I can’t wait to give it a whirl and report back. I’m pretty optimistic, so I ordered 2 bottles.


I am still head over heels for my It Brush Bath cleaner. If you use a product like the R+F Radiant Defense or the It under eye concealer (one of my all time favs), then you need this brush cleaner. I haven’t found anything that holds a candle to it. It literally dissolves those products that are a liquid type. For my other brushes I just use Dawn dishwashing liquid although a friend just told me yesterday she’d been using baby shampoo, so next time I’ll be trying that.

Let’s talk t-shirts. How hard is it to find the perfect tee? Well for me, it’s a huge challenge. I think most tee’s aren’t flattering on me, but this one is an exception to the rule, and the best part is it’s only $16. It comes in 10 other colors, the fabric isn’t see through and the twisted front makes it hang well. It can also be worn pulled down and will cover your backside for wearing with leggings. Yep, it’s a good one.

I can’t not mention my favorite white jeans from Loft. I looked high and low for white jeans and Loft by far has the best options, especially if you happen to have any cellulite you’re trying to keep on the DL. I have 2 pairs and love them both. The snakeskin flats are my new spring shoes and they look darling with so many outfits. You can wear them just like leopard and pattern mix.

All last summer I wanted a straw bag and just never got one. This year, I’m doing it! (so y’all hold me to it) Here are the two I’m currently looking at. Shop the bags here…

Have you entered the JORD watch giveaway? I’ve been wearing this new watch every day since receiving it and I’m in love. I love the color of the face and combination of the wood. One lucky reader will receive a code for $100 off the watch of your choice and all others will receive a code for 10% off, so really, everyone gets a trophy. LOL


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If you’re a regular, thanks so much for coming back post after post, and I hope you’ll pop over and say hey to Tania, and tell her Lisa sent you.



  1. Patty Richey
    March 29, 2019 / 3:02 am

    So many thing this Virginia girls loves in this post! One pair of my white jeans is also from Loft. They are the Best. That round straw bad is EVERYTHING!

    Have a Good weekend!

  2. March 29, 2019 / 4:03 am

    I love self-tanning wipes- Comodynes have been great but I think I may need to try this brand. Also, I am obsessed with your black and white outfit- have a great weekend Lisa! Holly @ Pink Lady

  3. Living on Cloud Nine
    March 29, 2019 / 4:11 am

    Eek, so happy you’re featured over at Tania’s and what a small world!!! You are a cutie in that black tee/white combo, well, you’re always a cutie. I just ordered a round straw bag and have it on my Amazon post for next week. I think they will be great for vacations to the beach!! Yay! Have a very Happy Weekend by beaut!!! xo

  4. Kellyann
    March 29, 2019 / 4:40 am

    I just love the connection you and sweet Tania have!!!I swear finding a good tee is hard, I am so glad you agree because I felt like a weirdo when I was going on and on about how hard it was. Sleeve length and see through fabric can be deal breakers. I love the twist front but then I can’t tuck it in! Ugh. Anyhow you look fab as always. I love the straw bags you are looking at. I have to pull my circle one out soon, it’s a little on the small side but I am watching my pennies so I am NOT upgrading. (Help me keep this promise, k?). Love ya friend!!!

    • March 29, 2019 / 8:25 am

      I know, right?! And it cracked my up we both shared the story. Great minds!!! YES the t-shirt struggle is real. I think one of the things I actually like about the twist front is it kinda already looks tucked. OK…no more spending for you. Unless you have to have it. HA! I’m weak! Happy weekend!!! XOXO

  5. March 29, 2019 / 5:20 am

    How funny – small world for sure! And Lisa I love the hem of your white pants. So cute! And I will hold you to that straw bag. I snagged one at American Eagle last year for $15 and I’ve worn it enough that I believe the CPW is like one penny now. lol Have a great weekend my friend!

    • March 29, 2019 / 8:16 am

      Oh my gosh…I was totally wracking my brain as to what CPW meant. Went back and read through my blog to try and figure it out. LOL Then I finally got it! Cost Per Wear. HAHAHA! I adore the double frayed hem on those jeans too. Happy Friday cutie!! XO

  6. Tania Stephens
    March 29, 2019 / 5:44 am

    I am with you and a straw bag! I have a couple, but that isn’t stopping me from wanting another one. Lol! Thanks so much for joining me on today’s post!!! I’ll be sure and tell David and Missy hello for you this Sunday.

    • March 29, 2019 / 8:16 am

      Please do tell them Hey! That will just crack them up! I need to go ahead and pull the trigger on the purse. Sooner rather than later! I hope you’ll feel better quickly and thank again for the introduction! XO

  7. March 29, 2019 / 6:05 am

    What a small world! I have to check out Tania’s blog because a) same name! and b) 50 is NOT old! Thanks for the tip on the tshirt. I’ve looked at that one several times on Amazon, but haven’t ordered yet. When you have time, can you recommend any Richmond area restaurants? We will be going to Shenandoah Natl Park and Williamsburg this summer and passing through that area. Thanks!

    • March 29, 2019 / 8:16 am

      The t-shirt is definitely worth a try. OH how fun that you’re going to VA. I’ll be there the beginning of May to visit my parents for a few days. We’ve been gone 9 years, so I’m sure a lot of restaurants have come and gone. Are you spending a night in Richmond? If so, let me know where so I can suggest things close by. Richmond is funny because it’s definitely divided by direction. By that I mean you either tell people you live on the West End, Southside, East End or North Side. I grew up on the Southside and that’s where my parents live, but we lived in Short Pump on the West End for 17 years. I do know when you go to Williamsburg and are in the Colonial section (which is so super cool) you need to stop in the Wythe Candy Store. That was a family tradition for us. We’d go to Wmsburg for the day frequently and always took the kids in for a treat (and us too of course?) There are also really nice outlets in Wmsburg. Oh boy, now you’ve got me started and excited…can you tell?

  8. Diane R.
    March 29, 2019 / 6:15 am

    Stopping by from 50 Is Not Old and enjoyed my visit. I don’t even own a straw bag so guess I will be shopping for one. Have a great weekend.

    • March 29, 2019 / 7:53 am

      Hi Diane! I’m so happy you took time to hop over here and check me out. Thank you! Well, we’ll both be shopping for a straw bag I guess. Fingers crossed! Have a great weekend! XO

    • March 29, 2019 / 8:15 am

      Me too Jody! I have one pair from ON that are old and now that I have my LOFT favs I don’t wear them. Have a great weekend! XO

  9. Johnna
    March 29, 2019 / 7:41 am

    Hi. I’m joining you from Tania’s blog and glad I did. I really enjoyed your post. I knew you were a good Southern girl when I read the first line. Thanks for tip on the face tanners. Never used before but want to try the wipes and/or spray. I used the R & F sunless Tanner on my legs last year and couldn’t believe how well it worked. Time to get it out. I think I’ll be visiting again. ?

    • March 29, 2019 / 7:53 am

      Hi Johnna!!! I just responded to your other comment…I bet it didn’t show up because it’s new. LOL Isn’t it a trip how Tania and I are connected that way. So funny! I’m so happy you took time to come over to my blog and check it out. I just opened the box with the spray face tanner, went straight to the bathroom and sprayed it on. HA! It smells nice, which is always a pleasant surprise. I can’t wait to see how it works. Have a great weekend! XO

  10. Johnna
    March 29, 2019 / 7:41 am

    I’m joining you from Tania’s blog and glad I did. Really enjoyed your post. I

    • March 29, 2019 / 7:52 am

      Hi Johnna! I’m so happy you visited! Thank you so much!!!

  11. Mireille
    March 29, 2019 / 9:12 am

    I was just reading Tania’s blog post this morning but actually came from Lizzie in lace’s blog link up! Then I realize your blog’s name was familiar! Those snakesskin shoes are amazing! They make a great statement!

  12. Gina Daily
    March 29, 2019 / 11:03 am

    Love these favorites! How funny that you and Tania are so closely connected! And I’m going to have to give those LOFT white jeans a try. I think mine need to be replaced and I’ve been happy with my other pants from LOFT, so I guess I better try their jeans. For research purposes, you know? 🙂 Hope you have a great weekend!

  13. March 29, 2019 / 4:12 pm

    Blogging is such a neat hobby that it forms connections like that! It’s a small world, isn’t it?! That bronzing water face mist sounds amazing! I am so pasty white it’s pathetic!

  14. March 30, 2019 / 3:10 am

    YES! Okay, now I know who we were talking about on MP yesterday and I do follow her! My vote is for the round straw purse. I just love how they styled it with a scarf! Enjoy your weekend!

  15. March 30, 2019 / 2:44 pm

    I’m so on board with trying out this IT brush bath. Thanks for sharing! I do not clean mine often enough for sure.

  16. leaculp
    March 30, 2019 / 4:34 pm

    More great favs and I’m off to check out Tania’s blog. We Virginia gals must stick together for sure! Happy weekend!

  17. March 31, 2019 / 9:18 am

    A summer glow, never heard of it, what’s that like?? hahaha When you’re this pale, you just have to embrace the pasty! 😀 Also, that watch is super cute! You make a great watch model! Hope you’re having a great weekend, Lisa! xoxo

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