Friday Favorites #143 – T3 Hair Tools Review & Products

Well this week has flown by, and Sunday Katie and Luke leave, so needless to say, I wasn’t nearly as excited to see Friday roll around this week as last. Thankfully Kent and I will be going to Nashville at the end of April, so we won’t have to wait too long before we see them again. Today for Friday Favorites, I thought I’d do a review of my current favorite hair tools and products. My tools usually remain the same and a lot of my products too, but I do try new things from time to time and recently I’ve been investing in some pricier options.

Without really meaning to, I’ve slowly been switching out my hair tools to T3 products, or so it would seem. I just figured they were all equally good. Ehhh, not so fast little missy.

The first one I switched was my hair dryer. When you have as much hair as I do, you can burn through a hair dryer or flat iron faster than normal.

T3 Dryer

I was very intrigued with the T3 dryer and it seemed all the girls in blogland were switching over, so naturally I had to try it. I kept hearing how it would cut down on dry time and I have to agree, I believe it does. I had used a Revlon dryer (when it would wear out, I’d buy the exact same one to replace it) for 10+ years. I like a certain placement and style of power buttons and thankfully the T3 met those standards. HA! But, seriously, that’s been a deal breaker on other dryers. When I was writing this post I stumbled on a T3 online outlet. Who knew? My first place to look for T3 products is Costco though, so if you’re a member start there. The travel size is currently 50% off at several places.

VERDICT: Love it! Cuts down on dry time and that means less damage for my hair.

T3 Flat Iron/Straighener

Next item up was my flat iron. Mine started to act funny and I knew it was on it’s last leg. I figured I loved my dryer, so why not go for the T3 straightener. Again, Costco came through. 🙌🏻

VERDICT: Love it. Is it magical? I don’t know about that, but it does work very well.

Next up, curling irons.

T3 Curling Wand

Naturally I figured I was on a roll, so I’d better go ahead and try the T3 curling iron. I purchased (from Ulta…because #greatreturnpolicy) the convertible curling iron with the 1.5″ wand. Oh I had high hopes for this. I’ve been using Revlon curling irons for a sweet forever and just knew this was going to rock my world and curl my hair.

VERDICT: My curls didn’t stay any better with this curling iron than my under $25 Revlon counter parts. Epic fail. #wompwomp Can you say returned?!

Revlon Volumizer Hair Dryer

Now for my most recent favorite tool. I’ve used something very similar in the past with great results, I mean I did after all grow up the daughter of a hair dresser, so we tried all the tools. It’s been years since using one and this brush dryer also by Revlon has burst on the scene and won the hearts of bloggers everywhere. Not kidding, seems we are all singing it’s praises.

After getting my T3 dryer I was able to use a round brush and the dryer to get a smooth finish on my hair without the extra step of a flat iron. (So why did I have a flat iron? I use it on days when I’m not starting out from step one of fresh washed hair)

Using a round brush and blow dryer together is time consuming for most, including me. The combo brush-dryer makes it sooo much easier and enables me to get more lift at the roots…hence the name volumizer hair dryer..

VERDICT: YES, YES, YES! I’m loving it. I still use my T3 to get my hair about 75% dry and then finish it with this. Totally awesome combo. A one-two punch, you might say

So currently I’m using these three products in this order. I won’t bore you with more details, but you can read about them here and here in another post I did on hair care.


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