Friday Favorites #141

Hi friends! We made it!!!! The weekend is just a few short hours away and for some of you, by the time you’re reading this, it may have already arrived. Don’t forget, we “spring forward” Saturday night. It seems like it’s really early this year, doesn’t it?

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Are you a Costco member? If you’ve been around here for 30 seconds, then you know we are HUGE fans. We love us some Costco. You also may have picked up on the fact that we like to graze the samples. Do you? Of course sometimes you’re taking your life into your own hands. Some of the people at our Costco are cut throat and you’d better get out of the way. HA!

I love it when they are sampling something and we end up liking it. I ran in the other day to grab a couple of things and these protein bars were being sampled. They were surprisingly yummy. You know a lot of these can be like eating cardboard. Not these. They really do taste good. (at least I think they do.) The chocolate chip cookie dough is a great knock off of the real thing. (and in case you’re curious, yes…it does goes well with a cup of coffee. #winkwink) The brownie flavor is kinda fudgey and they both have chocolate chunks in them. They are low carb, high protein and high fiber.

These are both products I’ve tried recently. The Aquage was first, and when I finished it I wanted to give the Pureology a go. I’m always looking for something to give my hair some extra ummph. There’s a lot of it. It’s thick and heavy. I think they are very similar and give the same effect. The Aquage is more of a traditional foam with a tip that applies right at the roots. The Pureology has a very similar application tip, and while it’s called “mousse”, it’s more of a bubbly foam, so if you try it don’t be surprised.

Who doesn’t love blush? It’s been riding high for quite a while and feels like it’s going to continue hanging around , although I do think lavender is going to give it a run for it’s money. These wedges are super cute and a great dupe for one of last spring/summers most popular shoes. This is one of my many Kendra Scott necklaces and it’s so much more versatile than I even imagined. It goes perfectly with pinks and purples, but is in no way limited to those. I was super excited (for you😉) when Nickel & Suede brought back the pink leather earrings. When I got these I had no way of knowing I’d end up wearing them so much, but I bet I wear them a couple of times a week.

The perfect spring outfit. Target has been on its A game for a while now. This cardigan has the same look and feel of a more expensive one but with a much better price tag.

ATTENTION: If you’ve been in the market for a new pair of jeans, look no further. These are a screamin’ good deal. They are KUT from the Kloth and on sale for $15. Yep, you read that right. They are a great dark wash, with the perfect amount of stretch and they do.not.bag out. They are “petite” and just the right length on me at 5’3″, but would make an ideal ankle length if you happen to be taller. They are also the exact same pair that’s currently available “on sale” at one of our (my) favorite retailers for more than twice this price. #addtobag

Seems the blog world is all a flutter for Rae Dunn and I’ve decided to buy in. I found two of these adorable bunny mugs that say “Hop To It” on the back and a darling little cream pitcher that I’d been on the hunt for that says “Pour”. Now if I can just find the little sugar bowl that goes with it. I think they will be so cute on my tiered tray. If you’re in the market for some Rae Dunn, I really suggest checking your local TJMaxx, Marshall’s and Home Goods stores. Ours are pretty well stocked right now. Here are a few things you can find online.

Did you see Wednesday’s post? I shared my experience with an at home teeth whitening system. I’m hosting a giveaway and one lucky reader will win their own whitening kit. I hope you’ll hop over and read the post and then enter the giveaway. Good luck!!!

I think that about does it for today. This time next week I’ll be beside myself because Katie and Luke (the boyfriend)🥰will be coming home next Saturday. Let the countdown begin!!! I hope you have a great weekend.
⏰Don’t forget to change your clocks!⏰


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