Making Your Own Makeup, the Simply Earth Way

Hey friends! Today I’m going to share with you the February subscription box from Simply Earth. In case you’ve forgotten or haven’t heard, Simply Earth is an essential oil company that offers a monthly subscription box. Such a cool idea, if I do say so myself. You can read my first post from January here.

Each month the box comes with 4 oils and 6 “recipes” to help you start using them. I love this. I find it much easier to feel my way in the oily world with helpful suggestions like these. This months box is focused on natural makeup you can make in the comfort of your own home.

Here’s what came in my box.

4 oils:
Geranium ~ Used by ancient Egyptians for treating a variety of illnesses, but today it’s best know for it’s versatility in skincare.
Copaiba ~ Used for emotional well being and inflammation.
Beauty Within ~ Beauty Within will help reduce the effects of time on the skin by combating fine lines and dry, dull skin.  
Coffee ~ Aside from the wonderful aroma (I mean who doesn’t like walking by a coffee shop and that smell that comes wafting out), coffee is great at reducing inflammation, commonly found in eye serums and used in a lot of anti-cellulite products.

Natural Subtle Cheek Tint
Natural Eyeshadow
DIY Mix and Match Eyeshadow
Good Morning Beautiful Diffuser Blend
Empowerment Roll-On
Moisturizing Tinted Lip Gloss

The first thing I made was the Moisturizing Tinted Lip Gloss. This and the Cheek Tint take the most time, but only because you let them sit in simmering water for an hour to infuse the color. The tint of the lipgloss is extremely light and would be so perfect for young girls starting to dabble in makeup. It’s also super silky feeling on my lips and very moisturizing as the name suggests.

The cheek tint is much the same as the lip gloss. Very light color and a great option for days when you need just a little “blush”. It’s also very moisturizing thanks to the coconut oil it’s made with.

Next up I tried the Natural Eyeshadow. This color is described as light pink, but has more of a burgundy appearance in the container. It takes a little effort to get it to apply, but if you are trying to go with only natural products, it’s an option.

Lastly I made the “Empowerment” roll-on. I absolutely love that you get bottles and roller balls in the bonus box. This is how I use most of my oils other than diffusing. I’ve been rolling this on the inside of my wrists and enjoy the fragrance. It’s said to give a feeling of empowerment (hence the name) and stress relief. (Can I get an AMEN)

When you order your first subscription box and use my code COASTTOCOAST2FREE you will receive a Big Bonus Box, an Essential Oil Recipe box, and a $20 egift card towards future purchases. Maybe a diffuser?😉

I’m so excited to be partnering with Simply Earth. They gifted me this box to review and share with you. Not only does Simply Earth want to help make your home a better place, they also want to help make the world a better place. “As a company who supplies products to enhance the beauty of our customers, we at Simply Earth believe it to be our responsibility to help people whose beauty has been abused. The average age of an individual forced into human trafficking is 13. That is why when you shop Simply Earth, 13% of our profits go to help fight human trafficking. Each month we highlight one organization so that you can get involved.”


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