Friday Favorites #137

Welcome to February! I can’t even. LOL Are you ready for a big weekend? We don’t have a ton on our radar, but I’ve got some returns to do. Imagine that. HA!

So I wonder what our little friend Phil the groundhog will have to say tomorrow. Man, I sure hope for the sake of y’all living in the “tundra” right now, that he has some good news. #crossyourfingersforacloudyday

Are you watching or boycotting the Super Bowl? There seems to be those two camps. I’m sure we’ll watch it, but we don’t have a dog in this fight. If I was having a party though I’d probably be making something like this Taco Dip, these favorite mini cocktail sausages, this super yummy hot corn dip, and for sure a delicious charcuterie board. If you need appetizer inspiration, feel free to check out and follow my Appetizer Pinterest Board.

I am however pretty pumped about half time and Maroon 5 playing. I’m pretty disgusted by all the flack they’ve taken. #hatersbackoff

Alrighty then, enough chitter chatter. Want to see what I’m sharing for Friday Favorites?

I can’t believe I’m just now finally remembering to share this ah-dorable candle with y’all. This was my birthday present from who else? Kellyann. I have to admit, I didn’t even know you could have them made like this, but how stinkin’ cute is i? AND it’s my all time favorite scent from Yankee Candle. This actually used to be the only candle I would burn. Home Sweet Home is the scent and it’s an apple-cinnamon smell that just makes your house smell like, well, home!❤️

Kent and I went to the movies Sunday and saw The Upside. I highly recommend it. It was both sweet and funny and based on a true story. It did hit a little close to home for Kent. When I was pregnant with Katie his oldest sister was in an automobile accident and paralyzed from the chest down. Neither of us even thought about the effect it might have on him, but he did have to shed some tears after it was over and during a few scenes. She passed away in 2010 from complications associated with her condition.

New makeup brushes. My old ones were on their last leg and I’d been looking to replace them. I bought the first ones at Ulta. They were having a buy one get one free sale, and the other set I found at TJMaxx for $6.99. I’m linking some here in case you can’t get these same deals in your area. Also don’t forget about the Brush Bath I shared in Friday Favs last week. Seriously the best!

I first shared this makeup bag here. I’m still using it, loving it, and I’ve been seeing them pop up on other blogs, so I know I’m not alone. Not only does it hold so.many.things. I can also throw a few skincare products and my perfume in it, zip it up and I ready to travel.

Yes, another sweatshirt. Again I ask, “who am I”? The last time I wore this many sweatshirts I was in college sporting my Greek letters. ✌🏻💜& KX. This one I found on a trip to H&M. It’s insanely soft (reminds me of this one from Old Navy) and long enough to cover the bootay. I did buy a medium for a roomier and looser fit.

And just in case you missed Wednesday’s Old Navy post, here’s a teaser. Pop over to it and check out my try-on session I did. They are getting in a lot of super cute things for spring. I know in some places it’s so cold if you milk a cow, you’ll get ice cream and you aren’t thinking about buying spring clothes, but now’s the time to get the good stuff before it’s gone.

Have a great weekend friends!


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