The Softest Tunic, So Easy To Style

If there are two things I love, it’s chocolate and all the soft things. I bet neither of those come as a surprise to you.

Benny got Erin a sweater she had picked out for Christmas and Katie and I both fell in love and decided we better get in on the action. I ordered one for both of us and we weren’t disappointed.

It’s from American Eagle and currently 50% off. They have super soft clothing, from tee’s to sweaters and flannels. Oh the flannels! They are the softest on the planet, I’m pretty sure. Katie’s all time favorite tee is also from AE.

On a side note: These booties (find here and here) are on year three. They are my absolute favorite ever, and my go-to when I’m doing any amount of walking, and day-to-day wear. Katie wore them while she was home and we ended up ordering the exact same pair for her before she left.

This is a perfect oversized tunic sweater for cold winter days. I put it with jeans, but have every intention of wearing it with leggings. I actually would have gone with an extra-small, but wanted to keep the length, so I went with a small. Kent calls it my fisherman sweater, and I have to admit I can see why.

See the resemblance? LOL!

Here Katie is wearing hers (also a small) with leggings, so you can see this one is good for spanning several ages. I just asked her today if she’d want another one, because I’m seriously thinking about ordering the blush color for myself. Katie has this weird rule about not having multiples, but I think this sweater may have her on the verge of breaking that rule. #itsthatgood

Shop our outfits and some other American Eagle finds here….


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