My Favorite Tunic of All Time

Hey friends and happy Monday, the last Monday of the month. This is where the year officially starts rolling in my mind.

Have you ever bought something on a whim only to have it turn in to one of the best purchases you ever made? Well that’s the exact thing happened to me when I bought this tunic…at Target of all places. I think we can all agree that Target has some really great fashions these days and I think I found this about the time they were really starting to up their game. I’ve probably had it 3-4 years and every fall, winter and spring it’s one of my favorite pieces. I also think I’m not alone because I see very similar pieces from time to time on websites, and Target even has this one that has very much the same feel currently. That means you could easily recreate this look for yourself.

When is black and white ever a bad choice? NEVER! I love them together, maybe a bit too much. My tunic is the perfect length for leggings and how I always choose to wear it. It’s also the perfect travel piece and one I wear frequently for that purpose too.

My favorite way to pattern mix is consistently stripes with leopard or plaid with leopard. In my humble opinion you can’t beat mixing those two together. And as if I haven’t said it enough times already, these leopard flats are one of my go-to pair of shoes. They go with so many things and I can walk and walk in them without killing my feet. I actually just had to replace them.

One of the ways I frequently wear this is layered under a vest, but this coat would be a great option for a colder day. So if you are looking for a piece that stands the test of time and seasons, then I’d suggest one of these tunics.

Here’s to a great (pre-Super Bowl) week.

Check out these very similar tunics I found for you.

Shop the rest of the outfit here.


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