My Favorite Affordable Neutral Lipsticks

Have you ever felt like finding the perfect neutral lipstick is about as likely as finding a unicorn? I’ve always been more of a one lipstick kinda gal. The problem with that is, you fall in love with a shade, wear it for years and then BAM, they quit making it.

My first favorite was this Clinique Honey Gloss. The perfect shade of peach with just the right amount of shimmer. I can’t even begin to guess how many years I wore this shade. Even when it was no longer available in the department stores, I could find it at the Clinique Outlet. I’d go in and buy as many tubes as I could get my hands on.

After I could no longer get this lipstick I was forced to branch out, but even then I stayed pretty safe and would follow the same MO. Find one I like and stick with it. This is where Kent would say, “this bodes well for me”. LOL Yes, it does. Stick with what you know and love.😉

I’m not one to go out and buy a $30+ tube of lipstick on the off chance I might like it. That’s too risky for this girl. I have found one good way to try new colors is with “minis” that come packaged together from places like Sephora .

Ordering a set of Smashbox lip colors from Sephora is how I found some of my new go-to’s. I like a more neutral lip for the most part, but with a shine. I’m not into the matte look that is popular right now. Something about it just doesn’t work on me.

I think lipstick can also look completely different on than it does in the tube. Below are the ones I’ve got in my drawer that I’ve been using most recently.

The top two colors, Ballerina and St. Tropez are my toppers or finishers. Since all of these are matte shades, I wear something to add a slight shimmer or shine to them. I’ll also throw one of these on if I just want a little shine and color but I don’t feel like going full on made up.

The next five are all similar in feel and color. My current favorite is the Stila Angelo, and honestly I feel like it looks much peachier on my lips than my arm. I love it combined with the St. Tropez and wear it A LOT. If I want to be a little bolder I layer both of those over Tarte Bling.

Are you an equal opportunity user for lipsticks, or do you find what you love and stick with it? Feel free to leave me recommendations if you have something you think I’d like.

Happy Monday and here’s to a good week!


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