It’s Been 3 Years

I think having a blog is a lot like having a child. You create it, you nurture it and you (hopefully) watch it grow. It’s also amazing how quickly the time goes by, just like watching your children grow.

I can’t believe today marks the 3 year anniversary of my very post. You can read that here. It’s an introduction to who I am, but I guess I should probably update it. Now we are legit empty nesters, our son has graduated from college and gotten married, and our daughter is half way through her junior year. Time is flying by and I’m enjoying the ride.

Look how young they looked, especially Katie.

Here we are Christmas of 2016.

And here we are 2018…3 short years later, and one sweet new daughter-in-law. I think Katie has changed the most of all of us.

When someone asks me what my blog is about, I respond with, “it’s a lifestyle blog”. I love to share anything and everything.
Life ✔️
Recipes ✔️
Decor ✔️
DIY ✔️
Friendship ✔️
Beauty ✔️
Fashion ✔️
Speaking of fashion. The very first fashion post I did {here} was probably one of the hardest. Hitting publish on something you feel totally unqualified to do is weighty.

I think my style and my writing have both evolved in the last 3 years. And while I have so much more to learn, I feel I’ve accomplished a lot. I’ve learned how to make collages, monetize this here space and work with companies, but my greatest accomplishment is YOU…my friends.

The friendships that have come out of this little blog have been such a blessing to my life. There are so many of you that I get to interact with on a daily basis and I LOVE that. Thank you seems so small for what I really feel, but they are the only words I can come up with to express my gratitude.

I can also tell you that if you’d told me 3 years ago I’d have met up with 5 other women, who I’d only ever met 1 of them and spend a weekend, I’d have probably said, “yeah, right!” Talk about growth. These women are now my blogging tribe! (read our story here)

So I’d have to say each and every year has brought growth, experiences and knowledge and more friends.

Thank you for letting me share my life with you and for leaving your comments and allowing me to get to know you. Without you, there is no reason for Coast to Coast to exist.

Here’s to many more years of spending our days together.


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