Highlighting Your Assets with Color

How can it possibly be Wednesday? Nothing will screw you up faster than a 3 day weekend. Am I right? I’m not complaining, mind you. I’m just saying it sure throws me off. How about you?

Today I’m joining the girls from The Blended Blog and using their prompt: Highlight Your Assets. So while the title of this post is a stretch at best, I’m doing a slightly little different take on the original prompt. While the rest of the prompt is: Styles That Work For Your Body Type, I’m just going to talk about one of my physical assets and tying it into fashion.

As if that wasn’t good enough, this is kind of a two-fer. I’m also collaborating with my Nashville girls. We all decided it would be fun to talk about hot pink after several of us recently purchased new hot pink sweaters. (not me😔) Sooo, you’ll be able to click the links at the end of the post and hop on over to see what they are sharing. YAY!

If you ask Kent what he was first attracted to about me, I know he’ll tell you my smile. 😁I have a BIG smile, a BIG mouth and a LOT of teeth. LOL Probably not more than normal, but they make their presence known.

So what does my smile have to do with any of this? Well I’m so happy you asked. I believe when you feel happy, you look happy and one of the best ways to accomplish both of those is by wearing things you feel good in….like this hot pink poncho over a black column.

Column dressing or dressing monochromatically is typically figure friendly for most women, and also makes for the perfect base for a pop of color. Hot pink is one of my favorite colors and oddly enough, I rarely wear it. I tend to wear more earth tones, particuarly during the cooler months.

I’ve had this poncho (from Chico’s) for a good 3-4 years and only worn it a handful of times, but every single time I put it on, I love it. The first time I wore it was with this striped dress.

Apparently I really like it over stripes. HA! But it does look cute and then I added in the cheetah print shoes for just that much more fun. Any-who, back to feeling good in what you wear and how it affects your smile. I think I can safely say that every time I’ve worn this hot pink poncho I’ve felt pretty darn good about myself. I’d love to say that’s how I feel everyday, but we both know that would be a lie. I don’t think it’s humanly possible to feel good about yourself every.single.day. We all have off days, but ff you do feel great everyday, then my hats of to you and by all means, share your secret.😉🙌🏻

This time of year the weather can be pretty depressing, cold and gloomy and I’ve been feeling it in my spirit a little, but I’ll be honest with ya’, yesterday I wore another bright colored top I have and felt happy. So I’m thinking a sound piece of advice might be, if you’re feeling down to put on a happy color. Even if you’re just staying home. Try wearing some bright colored work out clothes or a fun pair of pajamas. Whatever floats your boat.

While my poncho is no longer available I was able to round up some pretty cute options. My favorite is this one and it comes in 17 colors. YES! It has the cutest fringe detail on it and would be perfect for a little pick me up. I think it would also be good well into summer over white (duh, like in the picture) or pastels and the perfect light cover for evenings at the beach or on vacation.

Isn’t it cute?! Check out all of these other options too at different price points. And before I finish up, can I just talk about my jeans for a minute? They are Wit and Wisdom with the AB-SOLUTION stretch and are soooooo comfortable. I forget just how comfortable they are every time until I wear them again. Seriously, these are GOOD if you need black jeans and very reasonably priced. AND if you are thinking, ‘Man, she sure forgets a lot’, well…you’re not wrong.😂

Shop this outfit

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