Getting Started with Essential Oils

I’ve shared with y’all before (here and here) how I’ve started to incorporate the use of some essential oils into my life and our home. Well you can imagine my excitement when Simply Earth reached out to see if I’d be interested in trying their oils and more specifically one of their boxes. Yes, a box.

Simply Earth has this awesome concept that is perfect for newbies in essential oils exploration. I think one of the biggest challenges with new things like oils is knowing how and when to use them. Honestly, the only other thing I think I’ve found to be quite as challenging, is figuring out ways to use my Instant Pot. LOL (which I am loving!)

Since I had done some homework before even starting to use EO’s I already knew what my #1 question was to ask Simply Earth. My biggest concern was bringing something to you that wasn’t all it appeared to be. I asked the team at Simply Earth if their oils were 100% pure and was so happy to get a big fat YES! Then sign me up!

When you order your first subscription box and use my code COASTTOCOAST2FREE you will receive a Big Bonus Box, an Essential Oil Recipe box, and a $20 egift card towards future purchases. What does this mean? It means a whole lot of FUN FREE stuff to set you up for easy use and success with your new oils.

This is what came in the January subscription box and what makes it so easy to begin exploring uses for essential oils. The box has 6 “recipe” cards in it and the items needed to make them. How easy is that? Instead of just receiving a bottle of oil and then trying to figure out what to do with it, Simply Earth is holding your hand and walking you through some easy ways to start.

I wanted to do a few of these “recipes” while Katie was still home, so we made the lip balm. It was super easy and I’ve got to say very rewarding to make it ourselves. It didn’t take any time to whip it up, and I couldn’t believe how fast it “set up” and was ready to use. I recommend using a little glass jar that you don’t mind throwing out for the melting part. I keep a stash of old jelly jars in the pantry and one of those was perfect, and then I just tossed it in the recycling bin. One picture I didn’t include was how we got it in the tubes. We fashioned a funnel out of wax paper and one of us held the little lip balm container and wax paper funnel, while the other one poured in the hot melted mixture. For this one, you really need 2 sets of hands. The lip balm has a tiniest tingle and goes on pretty darn smooth. I honestly like it!💜

We also went ahead and made the Skin Healing Booster roll on. The timing was perfect on this because I had just cut my finger opening a large box I received in the mail. The dark roller ball bottle is one of the many items that comes in the bonus box. (you receive quite a few) I’m here to tell you that receiving this extra box of goodies is so awesome. When I started exploring with oils on my own, I had to go on Amazon and order bottles and rollers, etc…. This makes it so easy to make the most of your oils.

These are all the EXTRA items included in your bonus box!!! ($40 value)

If you want to see some of the other ideas they have and recipes, here a few to check out. (they send them by email from time to time #lovethat)
Vanilla Mint Lip Scrub
Breathe Easy Bath Salts
Tension Relief Bath Bombs
Relaxing Textured Massage Bar

So here’s a peak at everything you will get if you order the January subscription box for $39. (this includes the bonus box items $40) That’s a lot of stuff. I think this program is a great idea for anyone interested in exploring EO’s, but especially for moms with kids at home, and home-schoolers. What a great project to work on together and learn at the same time.

And one last thing…another thing I like about this company is they are philanthropic. They aren’t just in the business of making money, but also helping others. I think you would call the following their mission statement.

“As a company who supplies products to enhance the beauty of our customers, we at Simply Earth believe it to be our responsibility to help people whose beauty has been abused. The average age of an individual forced into human trafficking is 13. That is why when you shop Simply Earth, 13% of our profits go to help fight human trafficking. Each month we highlight one organization so that you can get involved.”

So if I seem excited about this, it’s because I am. I honestly didn’t realize how excited I was until I started writing this post. I think this whole concept is such a great idea!

Have you started using essential oils in your home yet? When Benny came home sick a few weeks ago, the first thing I did was plug in my oil diffuser and put a concoction of oils in there to ward off his funk. PS. None of the rest of us got sick. #score

If you’ve been thinking about trying some essential oils, I’d really consider doing it this way. Use my code COASTTOCOAST2FREE at Simply Earth and get started.

Getting started with essential oils the easy way

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