Friday Favorites #134

Happy Friday blogging friends! I hope your week was fantastic. I got back into my empty nest groove and my bible study started back up, so life is back to normal and quiet.

Friday means it’s time for link ups and favorites. Two of my favorites. LOL Seeing what other people are loving can lead to finding things I may not have otherwise known about, so I’m hopeful that by me sharing some of my favorites, you might find something you might have missed. Seeing as how there are new friends joining the blogging and blog reading community all the time, then re-sharing also seems like a good idea. Some of these may be old news to some of you, but to others they might be just what you’re looking for. Maybe you’ve been missing it and didn’t even know. HA!

There are several products I’ve just recently “re”purchased or that I’m getting ready to re-purchase, and I thought I’d share them with you. I mean, if I like them enough to buy again, you just might be interested in them too.

I just bought my second canister of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. I continue using them at least once a day and sometimes twice in my coffee. I shared this picture on Instagram yesterday and had several people ask my thoughts on them. I really feel like since using them my knees are doing better. What does “doing better” mean?
1 ~ They aren’t as stiff and making as many noises when I go up the stairs. I had started to sound like an old Barbie when you’d bend her legs. Remember that noise? I also am thinking they are helping my skin too.
2 ~ Along with my favorite eye cream, I feel like my crows feet have become less noticeable.
This giant tub lasted me about 2 months. I buy mine at Costco, but I know not all Costco’s carry the same things. You can also find it here on Amazon, here on Sephora and places like Whole Foods carry it…all though it’s not the best price there. They are also available in these handy little singles for travel and throwing in your purse/work bag, or just for trying before buying the big dog. Collagen comes in a bunch of varieties and I finally decided these looked to be the most popular, so that’s how I landed on them. Very scientific.

I also just bought my second bottle of Micellar Water. I take off my makeup (as we all should😉) before doing my nightly cleansing and products routine. Micellar Water on a couple of cotton rounds makes it super easy…it’s also a great hack at night when I’m too lazy to do the whole kit-n-caboodle. At least I don’t have to feel totally guilty. My first bottle lasted well over a year.

Well I feel like I’m beating a dead horse talking about this mascara (on sale on Amazon right now) again, but IT’S THAT GOOD! Seriously, IT IS!!! I tried the Better Than Sex mascara and returned it after the first use (that’s one of the advantages to buying at Sephora and Ulta), and most recently I tried a Lancome sample I received. The mascara itself was fine, but the removal was awful. Not only do I like the way this Loreal mascara goes on, I LOVE the way it removes. I just wet my lashes and it literally pulls right off. Soooo easy, and a lot less pulling on the skin around my eyes that is so sensitive. If you are having to really work to get your mascara off, you aren’t doing your face any favors. You’re just inviting the wrinkles to live there. #justsaynotowrinkles

My skin can be described as T-Zone and looks shiny if I don’t do something to combat it. The best product I’ve found is this Avon Magix Face Perfector. I’ve been using it well over 10 years. I like it even better than a Lancome product I previously used, and several other brands I’ve tried. It’s very reasonably priced and a great value. Every once in a while I’ll forget this step and I can always tell…it actually happened one day this week and I was glowing in a not so good way all day.

Now lets get personal. I have always been how shall we say, a heavy sweater and a little stinker, both literally and figuratively. Embarrassing but true. When you’re in 8th grade and button down Polo shirts are the big thing, what can be worse than sweat rings? UGH! I always had to wear sweaters to cover them, as if middle school isn’t hard enough on it’s own. Finding a good deodorant can be challenging. I prefer an unscented one because otherwise you smell like a sweaty flower. Ga-ross. This Almay deodorant has been my choice for years and years. The only store I can find it is in WalMart, but of course Amazon has it too. The best part is, it’s pretty darn cheap. Go figure.

You can shop all of these items here

Here’s to keeping it real friends. I hope something I shared in this post will maybe help you out. Have a wonderful weekend!


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