Old Navy Mini Try-On

Do you feel like you are soooo ready for spring? I think about all y’all in colder places and living in California, I can’t even wrap my brain around it….even though I lived in the tundra…aka Minneapolis for 3 winters. HA! Stay warm my friends and stay safe! I was…

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It’s Been 3 Years

I think having a blog is a lot like having a child. You create it, you nurture it and you (hopefully) watch it grow. It’s also amazing how quickly the time goes by, just like watching your children grow. I can’t believe today marks the 3 year anniversary of my…

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My Favorite Tunic of All Time

Hey friends and happy Monday, the last Monday of the month. This is where the year officially starts rolling in my mind. Have you ever bought something on a whim only to have it turn in to one of the best purchases you ever made? Well that’s the exact thing…

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Friday Favorites #136

Do you know what today marks? Today marks a whole month since Christmas? In some ways it’s hard to believe and in others, it seems like it’s been even longer. Don’t kill the messenger, but that also means in a short 10 months, we’ll be all a flurry with all…

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Highlighting Your Assets with Color

How can it possibly be Wednesday? Nothing will screw you up faster than a 3 day weekend. Am I right? I’m not complaining, mind you. I’m just saying it sure throws me off. How about you? Today I’m joining the girls from The Blended Blog and using their prompt: Highlight…

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