Friday Favorites – Stocking Stuffer For Him Under $20

🎼It’s the most wonderful time of the year🎼🎄. Just wanted to give you a tune to hum for the next little bit.  Am I the only blogger who uses emojis in her posts? I just can’t help myself. I also use them A.LOT. in texting.😁 Katie got home Wednesday and yesterday we ran errands, and let me just tell you that having her to run around with it so much more fun that doing it alone. Kent left today to go visit his mom for her birthday/early Christmas, so it’s just us girls this weekend. We’re going to do some shopping, baking and movie watching. Pretty much a perfect weekend.

One day this week I asked on Instagram if your stocking stuffers are wrapped or not? Apparently this is a pretty polarizing topic for some. In our home, Santa wraps everything, every little thing. The more there is to unwrap, the more fun it is in my opinion. Katie and I were talking about it yesterday and she agreed. She told me she and Luke were talking about this very topic and his  family doesn’t have them wrapped, and he wasn’t even aware that was a thing. It’s pretty funny how different families do things differently.

I think we all agree that shopping for some men can be somewhat of a challenge. I shared a Gift Guide for Him a few weeks ago here.  Today I’ve got some pretty great ideas for stocking stuffers, and even better, they’re under $20.


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one || I’ve bought several things like these for my brother. He’s a BBQ enthusiast and I think any man in your life who like to grill/smoke meats would love to receive some fun accessories for their hobby.

two || Men like to look good and take care of their skin too. Whether he uses a shaving brush or not, it will look cool sitting on the bathroom counter…very retro.

three || A new iPhone case is always fun and not necessarily something they want to buy…or if they are like my man, he doesn’t like to buy anything. HA!

four || Bacon! Need I say more?

five || A cell phone holder for in the car. This one snaps right on the air vent, so it’s easily removable. So many states are going “hands free” and this is the perfect solution.

six || These made the other gift list I shared. They are Benny’s favorite running socks.

seven || Beef Jerky. Okay, I personally am not a fan, but Benny and Kent like the stuff and I bet a lot of other men out there do too.

eight || Mens hands can take a beating, especially depending on their profession. Mechanics, landscapers, delivery drivers are just some that come to mind, and then there are hobbies like hunting that can be tough on their hands. They need a good hand cream too.

nine || Anyone can have an old school tire gauge, but how about a digital one? The perfect gadget for the guy who has everything.

ten || I have so many friends whose husbands love to play the guitar, so why not fill their sock with picks?

eleven || Some men also just love all things hot (besides women😉) and while they sound totally gross to me, Tabasco jelly beans would be fun, if for nothing else, the reaction when he sees them.

twelve || My mom actually turned me onto these rubber twist ties. They are perfect for storing extension cords, tying techy cords together behind computers, etc…

Hope you find some things to get to fill your guys stockings. Next week I’ll share some fun stocking stuffers for her. Have a great weekend friends. Only two weekends left to get all the things done.



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