Friday Favorites #130

Hey, hey Friday. I blinked and the week was gone. I have a sneaky feeling that’s how the rest of the year is going to play out. I have loved Thanksgiving being early this year. Can we order that every year? I feel like I’m in pretty good shape and I gotta’ tell ya’, that’s not a bad feeling. Ya’ know?!

I’m basically done with shopping except for a few little things to order, but at least I know what they are. The big thing  now is getting all the goodies wrapped. I have a love/hate relationship with wrapping. I love doing it, but man does it kill my back! If only I had a dedicated place like my friend Andrea does in her craft room. (sneak a peak here)

I’m joining all kinds of friends for Friday Favorites and I’ve got some good stuff to share. Are you ready? Let’s go.

My sweet daughter-in-law sent me a picture of their precious little tree. So not only is the tree cute as can be, the story behind will melt your heart.❤️ This belonged to her mom and dad early in their marriage. Is that the sweetest? I just adore that.

My Erin Condren planner arrived this week and I “unboxed” it on my Instagram story.  (follow me here…PLEASE😉) This is my 3rd year for one of the EC planners and I love them. This year I’m even more excited because the months came with tabs. YASSS!!! I am old school and still like to keep things written down and use colorful ink. I feel a little validated that this is still relevant today because Katie even uses a planner…so I’m not such a dinosaur after all. Go MOM! HA!

Something else I shared on Instagram this week was these two cuties. (see what you’re missing if your not following along😁) They went to a fraternity Christmas party last weekend and it was an “ugly sweater” theme. They’re so cute they even make goofy Christmas sweaters look good. If you have one of these party’s to go to and haven’t found the perfect sweater yet, here are some to help you out. 

Running into one of Katie’s high school besties at Target and actually remembering to send Katie a Snapchat with her.  Kam goes to college locally and I run into her here and there and she’s always so sweet to give me a hug. I love that.

Here’s something new…how about things I’ve ordered this week. Kent…you might want to turn a blind eye here. HA!

So if there are a few things we can all take away from this collage it’s that I love tunic style tops, I have a thing for leopard and I’m currently crushing on this saddle colored suede.

Being totally honest here friends, I ordered these UGG slippers and just wasn’t loving the feel of them. Well if I’m going to pay close to $100 for slippers, they’d better make my feet happy. Those are going back and these are on their way to see if they are any better.

My leopard flats have lived a good life and are starting to show their age, so it’s time to call a new pair into service. You KNOW a pair of shoes is good when you wear them out and still love them enough to buy a new pair…especially when they fall into the pricier category. Seriously y’all, if you want a super comfy, very versatile shoe, order these!!!

I’ve been wanting the heeled version of my flats for quite a while. I actually bought a pair at one point and in true Lisa fashion, returned them. Not this time. I’m keeping these because I’m forever getting dressed and wishing I had them.

My friend Shelly has this gray v-neck sweater and loves it. The length makes it legging friendly and I’m all about that, and at $15 and some change, what do I have to lose?

Y’all know I have a couple of these Free People tees and luv them. There’s a new version with this cute little gathered, almost smocked front yoke out of the same material and I had to order one. Best part is that they are currently 40% off. 🙌🏻

Last but certainly not least, another Free People tunic that has received rave reviews. Macy’s has them 25% off right now, so I’m going to see if it’s all that.

Here’s the deal. No need to freak out, there’s a good chance, like really good, that some of this will go back. That’s the life of a blogger. We buy, we return. HA! But you never know if you don’t try.


The gift giving season is in full swing…duh! Rodan + Fields released 3 new gift bundles this week that all include a FREEBIE!!!! Who doesn’t love FREE?

Purchase Micro-Dermabrasion Paste and Active Hydration Body Replenish and get a FREE Foaming Sunless Tanner.

I love, love, love all 3 of these. We all need to exfoliate our skin to remove dead skin cells and prep our skin to make the most of our products. Not kidding, this paste will make your skin feel like a babies. #seriously

Purchase our new Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid and Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex and receive a FREE glammed mirror.

Purchase Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid and Lash Boost (too awesome for words) and receive a FREE special blingy makeup brush. (this is a really great brush and works beautifully for applying the Radiant Defense…or other foundation)

Questions? Just ask away and I’m always happy to answer or help.

Have a great weekend friends!!!



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