A Look Back at 2018 – 10 Most Popular Posts

Hey friends! Long time, no read. Hahaha! I couldn’t let 2018 come to a close without one more post. I hope y’all have been enjoying the last week as much as I have. We had a wonderful Christmas. Benny and Erin have come and gone, but thankfully I have Katie a few more days. I’m not looking forward to dropping her off on Saturday to go back to school. I’m quite sure, she doesn’t share that feeling though. You remember when you were in college and couldn’t wait to get back to “your life” and “your friends”?! She’ll be ready to go, but she’s enjoyed being home and even remarked how quickly the time has gone. That makes me very happy.

I can barley wrap my brain around today being the last day of 2018. I’m here to tell you that the old saying, the older you get, the faster time goes is absolutely true. I must have been punchy last night when I was writing this. I was looking for something funny to share and found these. The first one made me really laugh and Kent was pretty sure I was losing it. So, moral of the story is, it was funny to me and I hope it is to you.

All of that confetti that falls in Times Square stresses me out. HA! I mean seriously, who cleans all that up? Confetti and glitter fall into the same category and that is…it’s pretty in someone else’s house. LOL. The only glitter exception is the Christmas tree and even that’s a stretch for me.

I was trying to decide what to post today and considered a Christmas recap, but then I saw on my friend Andrea’s Instagram that she was doing a most popular posts recap and thought….GENIUS! Yes, Andrea has the best ideas, and if you aren’t stopping by to read them, you should add that to 2019 list of things to do.

I’ll be completely honest with y’all, I mean when am I ever not? I am an open book. I rarely (read never) check to see what posts are most popular. I’m not into the analytics of my blog (while I probably should be), so I was super surprised to find out what the most popular post was myself. I decided to reveal them in descending order from 10 – 1. I’m also thinking (not literally) that I should just post of Fridays. You’ll see why by the end. 😉

#10 – Friday Favorites #126 – A lot of randomness from Instant Pots to fashion. Speaking of Instant Pots. I made my Italian Chicken Noodle Soup again over the weekend and it was de-licious.

#9 – Gift Guide for Her – This year I did quite a few gift guides and had a fun time rounding up things I would like to give and receive. My kids gifted me #5 and I love it. Numbers 10, 12, 13, 14 & 16 continue to be some of my personal favorites and items I wear weekly, if not daily.

#8 – A Look Around Our Christmas Home – Just like I said in this post, I love to look in other peoples homes. Call me nosy. I shared our home all decked out for Christmas. Last night we took the tree down, the last of the major Christmas decorations. I hated to do it, but the house feels more airy and clean now, and I love that.

#7 – Friday Favorites #130 – A sampling of Christmas, fashion and skincare. All good things.

#6 – Work to Play Outfit – Part 2 – I love pieces that can be worn multiple ways and making more bang for your buck. This post was a great example of that.

#5 – Friday Favorites #129 – When is cheese ever wrong? LOL Metal and wood tiered trays, cheese, more skin care, gift guides, candles and of course fashion.

#4 – Friday Favorites #127 – Old Navy Picks – Oooo, I was excited to see this and have an opportunity to share it again. Most of the items I shared in this post are still available. YES!

#3 – Friday Favorites #128 – Lots of Good StuffDyson hand held vacuums, tiered trays, my favorite sweatshirt and some great picks from Sephora are all in this post.

#2 – Friday Favorites #125 – More favorites. I guess we all like to gain insight on what we “need”. This one was full of lots of randomness. A favorite cute albeit cozy outfit, my love of Collagen Peptides, a milk frother (cheaper option) for delicious coffee drinks, a favorite meat marinade, my favorite combo of lip colors and more. This one was chocked full of good stuff.

#1 – Uniqlo Bra Review – I was utterly shocked to find out this was the #1 post, especially since it was from May of 2017. I’m happy to report I am still wearing this bra and ordered two more after trying it. I actually could really use to replace these. They are super comfy and have held up great.

Thanks for sharing this year with me friends. Whatever you’re doing to ring in the new year tonight, be safe and have fun. I’m looking forward to seeing what 2019 brings and sharing it with YOU!!!


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