$20 Dress Two Ways

We just got a nice, new H&M at our outlets so the first weekend it was opened you know I had to check it out. Let me just tell you that H&M has really upped their game. I would pop into one from time to time, but not on the regular. They have so many good sweaters and dresses and a lot of great work wear options for such a reasonable price. I think the quality is a lot better than it was once upon a time too.

I found this dress and tried it on and really liked it, but they didn’t have my size so I went home and ordered it. They have free shipping on orders over $40, so I found a few more things to try, and added them to my cart. One of the other things I found was this pull on skirt that is absolutely perfect for layering under a longer tunic sweater for a really cute look.

I paired the dress with tall black boots and really like the look, but you could just as easily pull on some black tights and a suede block heel pump or bootie for a warmer outcome.

This dress has a keyhole back with one button and a little gather that’s really cute from behind.

Once I had it and tried it on, I had an ah-ha moment and grabbed a belt to give it a little more structure and a tunic feel then tried that with my Spanx Faux Leather Leggings. How cute would this be for a party? I wanted a new pair of black booties this year so I grabbed these during the Nordstrom sale this past summer. I love the deep cut on the outside of the foot that elongates the side of the leg and the heel height is pretty much perfect for me. They are just a little over 3″. So many of the booties have a 4″ heel and for me that extra inch makes a huge difference in the comfort for walking and standing. I can do both in these without my feet screaming for mercy. I’m not sure how I used to wear heels all day and stand on my feet when I worked in a bank.

I added my big bauble necklace and a black clutch to finish the look and was good to go. I’d say for $20 this dress is a score!




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