What’s Up Wednesday and Cardigan Love

Hey friends and Happy Halloween! So it’s the last Wednesday of the month and the last day of October, and that makes it What’s Up Wednesday. You know what’s really up? This is my 3rd post this week. What’s up with that? HA!  I thought this meme was funny and about 98% accurate. The Christmas season just seems to creep in early every year. Pretty soon we’re going to be hanging our stockings with Easter Eggs in them. LOL

I don’t always have much to share on some of the questions, so I’m just going to pick the ones that I feel like answering. Finally doing it this way is very freeing and so here’s my version of What’s Up Wednesday.

What we’re eating this week….
Last week I made ghost cookies to send to my kids and then Saturday I made pumpkin bread, so I guess you could say we are eating all the seasonal foods. Look under the recipes tab for both of these recipes.

Halloween Ghost Cookies

Last night we had pizza made on Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Crust. I talked about it in this post. This makes for such an easy, throw together, uninspired dinner. LOL I just put pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, Kalamata olives, prosciutto, and fresh mozzarella on for a delicious combination.

cauliflower pizza

What I’m loving….

Yesterday I shared my first Instant Pot recipe for Italian Chicken Noodle Soup. I was absolutely giddy when this soup turned out so delicious and I pulled off the IP conversion. I’m already thinking about what my next Instant Pot recipe will be. Instant Pots run on sale a lot, and with the holidays coming up and Black Friday being just 3 weeks away, there’s a good chance you can find a good deal. In the meantime, if you just can’t wait, you can order one from one of these retailers.


What I’m reminiscing about….

Is there any parent of grown children that doesn’t think back to the days of when they were little and all the Halloween’s past? I miss those days and the excitement, but I remember being exhausted by the time trick-or-treating rolled around. Carving pumpkins, making dinner, arranging parades, and being room mom could wear a mama out. Stay strong girls and enjoy your little ghosts and gobblins. 

What I’m dreading….

Hmmm, honestly nothing. That’s a really great feeling. 

What I’m working on….
Would it be bad to say spinning my wheels? I’m forever working on 15 things at once. That’s the plight of someone who’s (A) a multitasker by nature and (B) self-proclaimed ADD. But what I’m really working on is *Trying to start getting my ducks in a row for the holidays
*Thinking about changing up my holiday decor a little, I think it may be the Christmas of buffalo plaid

*Starting some shopping
*Still trying to finish up the guest room I started revamping last year (I stalled out because I’m having trouble deciding on what kind of bed I want to get)

What I’m excited about….
In 2 1/2 weeks we fly to Nashville and pick up Katie to drive to my aunt’s house in Virginia. We haven’t been to her house since moving from Richmond, so it’s been at least 8 1/2 years. We will get to see some family that we haven’t seen in that same period of time, so it will be a lot of fun. My parents are meeting us there and my brother is planning to come too. This will be our first Thanksgiving without Benny, so we knew we didn’t want to stay in California. He and Erin are going to Disney World with her family. Poor kids, don’t you feel sorry for them?😉They will have a ball. They will be coming to us for Christmas and I’m super excited about that. This begins a new chapter for our family and I think it’s going to be a really good one.

What I’m wearing….
It’s taking a while for fall to reach us over here on the West Coast which is making it hard to figure out what to wear. I love the warmth, but I’m also ready to start wearing some of the things I’ve purchased for fall.  I’ve been doing some outfit planning and flat lays, so here’s what I have to look forward to.

What I’m looking forward to next month….
See what I’m excited about.


The Blended Blog gals are talking about cardigan love today. I am a HUGE fan of the cardigan and find myself wanting all.of.them. Last month for our Ageless Style link up we talked about “The Power of the Cardigan” and you can read that post here.

You can find some of my favorite cardigans here

Happy Wednesday friends and may your day be filled with all of your kids favorite candy you sneak out of their bags. #shhhhiwonttell



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