Friday Favorites #124

Hey y’all! It’s Fri-nally Friday. Yes, I said Fri-nally on purpose. HA! This has been a long week for me. Monday seems like it was way more than 4 days ago.

I ran a lot of errands this week and you’d think that would make for quite the list of Friday Favorites, but I didn’t find myself feeling particularly inspired, so I decided to take look back at some easy fall fashions. Sometimes when I’m going through the pictures on my phone or computer, I’ll see an outfit I wore in the past and think, I need to wear that again. It’s easy to forget different combinations I’ve worn and liked and opt for the same old thing.

While the exact pieces in these outfits may not still be available, they are all easily recreatable looks. I like to have a lot of basics in my wardrobe that I can then mix and match.

When I’m buying new pieces, I try to avoid things that will only go with “this pair of pants” or “that skirt”. I always feel like when I do that, my outfits tend to feel rather “Garanimal” like. Do you remember Garanimals? I know WalMart still carries them, but I remember when I was a kid Sears carried them and I thought they were soooo cool. You could just match the tags and have an outfit. You know, like match the monkey bottom to the monkey top. Speaking of Sears, you may have heard that this week they declared bankruptcy. They have been hanging on by a thread for so many years and it finally broke. They’ve been around for 132 years. WOW! So sad to see a retailer that was once so prominent have to close their doors. #itsasadday

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Long cardigan, plaid, leopard print

Jeans, a plaid shirt, a long cardigan and animal print, make for a no-fail formula in my book. You could take any plaid, and any solid cardi and recreate this. These leopard flats are on the spendy side, but I’m here to tell you that they are comfortable and when I’m going to be doing a lot of walking, I don’t hesitate to wear them. 

A cute sweater, jeans, riding boots and accessories. I bet you have all of these in your closet right now. This is a Lou & Gray sweater and I’m pretty sure they make the softest clothes on the planet.

Gray sweater, boots, accessories, booties

Are you noticing a pattern? If you said jeans, then you hit the nail on the head. I wear jeans 99% of the time. Even with my other options, I still find myself reaching for my jeans. I also love the color gray and find myself drawn to it and black most frequently, but lately I’m also noticing that I’m adding more burgundy to my closet. 

Vests, Leopard scar, burgundy jeans, fall fashion

Vests are a great transitional piece or for those of living in more temperate climates, they are all we often need, even in winter. While a printed vest is fun, a solid is so versatile and can be paired with another solid or print. Adding leopard in some form is one of my favorites, being followed pretty closely by camo. Leopard and camo have pretty much become neutrals making them great staples to have, especially in the form of accessories. 

Fall fashion, military vest, mustard, scarf

I already mentioned I’ve been adding burgundy to my closet, but another color I’m crushing on is mustard. It looks great with olive, denim, black, burgundy and brown, so it’s extremely versatile. Military jackets have been on the scene for a long time and are hanging in there and so is the vest form. A military or utility vest is a great light layer to add-on fall days when it’s too warm for a coat, but a little chilly with just a light shirt or sweater. Early in the day adding a scarf not only adds warmth, but another layer of interest. Remember the “rule of three” from this post? This outfit is a prime example of that theory.

I never shared how we liked  ‘A Star Is Born’. Well…….we liked it. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga both did an amazing job, and who knew Bradley could sing like that? I also heard or read somewhere that he learned to talk deeper for the part and spent a year learning to play the guitar. I think it’s incredible he was able to learn that in just a year if what I read was at all accurate. The only thing I would say as a warning is it is full of profanity, particularly the F-bomb. Call me a prude, but I don’t get what it adds to any movie? #sorrynotsorry

Have a great weekend friends!




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