Friday Favorites #122

Happy Friday friends! I couldn’t let 2 weeks go by and not share a Friday Favorites. I’ve now been gone from home for 10 days. WHAT? Yes, 10 days. Kent is flying in today and asked me if I remembered what he looked like? I assured him, I’ll recognize him. LOL.

Now if you happen to have checked my Instastory in the last few days, then you know I’ve been on a blogger meet up and the shenanigans have been none stop. We have laughed and bonded and gotten to know each other on a personal level and it has been awesome! I’m going to be leaving Nashville with memories to last a lifetime and new friendships to cherish.

For this weeks Friday Favs I thought I’d share 5 outtakes from one of our “adventures”. These pictures should give you new appreciation for every perfectly styled photo of a blogger you ever see. For every good shot, there is 5-10 equally painfully awkward, blurry, messed up shots. #thestruggleisreal

So can you guess what happens when you take 6 middle aged women #ouch #sorrygirls, and put them in front of a mural, set a camera, and try to get a shot of everyone jumping? Well just let me show you.

Nashville, #murals

Nashville #murals

Nashville, #murals

Nashville, #murals

Nashville, blogger meet up

These girls made me BRAVE! We didn’t care who was watching or staring, we were together and there’s strength in numbers. We had the best time laughing at ourselves and each other and while we didn’t capture the perfect jumping picture, we did get this picture that is one of my favorites…

NashBash, #murals, #blogger

So for this Friday, I will leave you with these 5 thoughts:


And a free piece of advice – order the Charcuterie. A meat and cheese board is never the wrong answer.

I can promise you, you won’t be sorry and your life will be richer. I would have never in a million years thought I’d be doing something like this, but just look at me, here I am with 5 of the sweetest new friends and memories to last until we meet again.💜


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