Fall Traditions and TBB Asks

Happy Monday friends! Is anyone else out there in a total state of mind blow and believing that next week we are going to roll into NOVEMBER? NOVEMBER people! If I was standing in front of you, I’d have you by the shoulders and be shaking you back and forth yelling NOVEMBER, NOVEMBER. #youdodgedabullet

Once again I’m participating in The Blended Blogs prompt and link up for Fall Traditions. When I think FALL there are always certain things to come to mind.

1) Bonfires  (not that we do that on the regular)
2) Hayrides (same⬆️)
3) S’mores
4) Caramel Apples
5) Pumpkin Patches
6) Apple Picking
7) Pumpkin Bread (recipe here)
8) Halloween Costumes
9) Ghost cookies
10) Sweaters and all things cozy

I could go on conjuring up all kinds of fun fall mental images for you, but I’m pretty sure you get the picture.

So what are the “Fall Traditions” in the Richardson house? Well that’s a great question and I only wish I had a definitive answer for you. HA! Had you asked me this 15 years ago when our kids were young I could have rattled off a list of things we liked to do once fall days set in, like going to the pumpkin patch (see pictures in this post), Halloween parades in our neighborhood and Fall Festivals at school,  but being empty nesters, well that means fall is a little less exciting for us. Especially fall in California. While I love that our temperatures are moderate here and honestly, I’m spoiled, it’s also mentally hard for me to change gears without the prompt of seasonal weather changes. We really have two season, warm and cool.

There are still things that I like to do for fall starting with changing up some of the decor in the house.


fall decorations

These are some the things I’ve done in the past. This year, I’ve been a real minimalist. I need to do some replacing of a lot of my decorations. I want to get away from the typical fall hues of orange and brown and migrate over to the more neutral whites, and muted pale greens and blues. With all my travel at the onset of the season, I kind of missed the decorating boat and waited too long to purchase new things, so I’ve just got a few fall touches here and there.

images via Pinterest


One of the things my family loves at fall are treats and specifically GHOST COOKIES. No matter the age, they love them. I say this because someone I live with (ahemm…Kent) keeps saying, “You know what time of year it is? Time for ghost cookies”. Once a kid always a kid.

These are super easy to make and even more fun to eat. For the detailed instructions, just look under the recipes tab for Ghost Cookies.

I also mentioned our love for caramel apples in this post.

This is my favorite and as far as can tell the easiest way to make caramel apples. Find the mix here, but you can also check your local Dollar Tree or grocery store and maybe get lucky.

caramel apple kit

SUPER EASY dipped pretzels and then layered to mimic Candy Corn in a bag.
Just use candy melts, dip and lay on wax paper to set up. Sprinkle with “sprinkles” while the candy is still wet.
Here are the supplies you’ll need.

This candy bark is just as simple. I used chocolate graham crackers as a base on a baking sheet, covered with melted vanilla almond bark and then more melted orange candy melts. Then sprinkle on your family’s favorite candies and let harden before breaking into big pieces.

All of these, the ghost cookies, pretzels and bark make a perfect care package for your favorite college student.

Of course adding new fall items to my closet is a favorite at the change of any season. It’s always nice to freshen up our look. Here are some of the things I’m eyeing and have already added to my closet this fall. 

So there’s a glimpse into fall for our family. What are your favorite fall traditions? For those of you who are bloggers I can’t wait to read, and for those of you who aren’t, feel free to throw them out in the comments.




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