Booties For Fall

Booties here
Booties there
I see booties every where

Y’all didn’t know I was a poet did you? Yes, this is an original work and yes, I know I should keep my day job. OH WAIT, I don’t have a day job. LOL

Okay, if you’re still here, thank you for indulging me. I love when there are link ups with good prompts, because it makes my coming up with things to blog about so much easier. The Blended Blog girls are talking about booties today and naturally I had to join in.

For fall, booties are a must, and different styles of booties make getting dressed so easy. I have two favorite pairs of booties, not that I don’t love them all, but if I could only save 2 pairs in a distaster (because of course we’d all be grabbing our shoes😜), these would be the two. One of my favorites is this pair that I purchased last year and have worn over and over and over. They are a nice neutral color and have a higher heel which lends itself to dressing up and down, and they are surprisingly comfortable to walk in. The sizes are very limited but this pair is still available and look identical. My other favorites have a low heel and are by Lucky Brand. I wear them when I know I’m going to be doing a lot of walking because they are so easy on my feet. They are basically exactly the same as these, just with a slightly more rounded toe. One of the things I really love about them is they have a little cushiony insole. #walkingonclouds

With so many styles and colors of booties available it’s hard to resist not buying multiples. I think I’ll just think of it as a collection. HA! Since I already had neutral booties it only made good sense that I’d add a black pair. My black booties in this picture are a couple of years old and again, I’ve worn them over and over. The black ones have also been great for wearing with leggings and tunics or dresses and black tights for a nice long look. I need all the help I can get in that department. I bought another pair (these) during the Nordstrom sale this summer that you’ll be seeing soon. Point being, black booties are a must have for me and I’m thinking you too. 😉


I also finally got a pair of peep toe booties after trying and trying some more to find some I like. I finally went with the Vince Camuto perforated pair in the picture below. The leather is buttery soft and doesn’t cut into my toes like so many of the other pairs I had previously tried. I actually wore them for the first time Sunday and really liked them, and was pleased as punch to get several comments on how cute they were.

The good news for everyone is booties are available in all price points. You don’t have to spend a fortune to have several pairs. I found great options at both Target and Old Navy that are budget friendly.

Find your next booties here

Hope y’all are having a great week! My blogger girls and I are tearing up Nashville and having the time of our lives. #nashbash


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