The Perfect Kimono For Fall

Hey there friends! Happy Wednesday or as I like to call it birthday eve. Tomorrow is Kent’s birthday. I always ask what dessert he’d like to have, and one of his favorites is called That’s Incredible Cake. I made it last year and shared it here and he requested it again this year. If you have a chocoholic in your life, this will not disappoint.

I don’t know about you, but it seemed like this summer you couldn’t look sideways without seeing someone somewhere wearing a kimono. The perfect one seemed to constantly elude me, until I found this one.

Well I’m happy to say I’m not running into the same problem this fall. I found this knit kimono on the Target website and thought I’d give it a try.  Woohoo! I love it and it looks like I’m not alone, because at the moment it’s sold out. Just remember the cardinal rule of shopping is to keep checking and it just might show back up. #fingerscrossed

This particular day I threw it on over a basic tee and jeans, added some mules, leopard earrings, my favorite tote and a great statement necklace.

The versatility of a knit kimono like this will have you reaching for it again and again. I’ve already dressed it up {literally} with dresses and of course down, like I have here. I’ve carried it to the movies and can use it as a wrap or a blanket. I’ll be traveling with it and who knows what else. Let’s just say, a piece like this will be a real workhorse.

This necklace is a great addition to so many outfits. It comes in 7 colors and I currently have 3, the off white, turquoise and black.



I’m joining the girls of The Blended Blog for their Fall Fashion Frenzy link up, so make sure you hop over there and see what other kimonos are being shared. The best way to discover new pieces is often through word of mouth. I find so many great things through fellow bloggers and I’m betting you will too.



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