Faux Wrap Dress For Easy Transitioning

Happy Thursday friends! We were watching the weather channel last night and just saying we dodged a huge bullet by going to Charleston last weekend. They closed the airport last night, so had our trip been scheduled for this weekend instead, it would have been a nightmare. We’re also keeping tabs on it because we have so many friends that will likely feel the effects and my parents are in Richmond, VA. We were there for Hurricane Isabel in 2003 and it was a real humdinger. My parents were without power for NINE days. Ughhhh! We’re praying there’s not a  repeat of history this time. Stay safe East Coasters!

I’ve been adding some things to my closet for fall and found this absolutely adorable faux wrap dress on the Target website for under $25. Like most things, when you order you’re never quite sure what you’ll get, but this one is without a doubt a winner.

The colors in it lend themselves perfectly for fall. A black background with beautiful pops of poppy and blue. The fabric is not thick but it’s also not too thin and flimsy. I was so pleasantly surprised with the quality. I’m not really sure why, because Target has some really great finds on their website. There’s so much more available than in the stores. I’ve actually ordered quite a few things to share.

This dress will easily transition when the temps start to fall too. I tried it on with my black boots I purchased during the Nordstrom sale and liked that look too, and of course black tights could be added as well. Just add a sweater or jean jacket and you’ll be good to go.

A black clutch is a great piece to have in your closet and grab when you aren’t looking to carry your daily purse. There are so many affordable options out there it’s easy to add one to your collection. Mine is a collection of two. HA! My other favorite clutch is my leopard print. Are you trying to add some new pieces to your closet for fall?



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