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Happy hump day friends! I’m finally back to a fashion post. I haven’t been purchasing many pieces these days, but I’ve ordered several things lately and will hopefully have some good stuff to share. If you’d have told me 5 years ago that I’d ever wear a pair of camo pants, I’d have probably looked you square in the eye and said, “you’re crazy”. Now here I am all decked out in them and loving them. Can you see me? Hahaha!

The truth is that camo is no longer just relegated to our military or hunters, but it’s a main stream print in fashion. Do you need to be brave to wear camo? I’m going to say yes. Yes, you do need to be a little brave, but once you try it, I’m willing to bet you’ll like it.

Did you know the Loft Outlet is now online? I have one a mere 3 miles from my home and so I cruise through it on a pretty regular basis. More times than not I end up coming out empty-handed. To be quite honest, I think the outlet stuff all seems to be the same year after year and season after season, but from time to time I’ll stumble on a piece that captures my heart and earns a place in my closet. This adorable bell sleeve tee is a prime example. As soon as I saw the olive rick rack on the sleeves, I knew I’d be pairing it with my camo pants.

This is not the first time I’ve shared my camo pants with you. I styled them earlier this summer with a sweet eyelet top here. I think adding a something with a feminine flair helps to make camo a little more “girlie” and a little less “let’s go out and hunt us some deer”.


STYLE TIP: I don’t like a straight bottom t-shirt. To achieve a knotted effect or effortless half-tuck, I just pull a little material to the inside at the hem off to the side, and put a little clear elastic pony tail holder or small rubber band on it. Voila! A tee that looks like you bought it that way.

Camo now comes in all shapes and sizes. I think it’s best to add just one piece at a time, but you can add a lot and go full tilt to get your inner hunter on. They skies the limit. Have you tried it yet? I’ve rounded up some great pieces to tempt you with below.


I’m joining the girls at The Blended Blog for the second time this week.

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