The Look For Less #2

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine? As Tony the Tiger would say, “GRRREAT”. Of course anytime I get to spend time with friends is just wonderful, but throw my kids in the mix and we are talking one happy mama.

I recently did a SAVE vs. SPEND post and y’all seemed to really like it. Yay! I guess you guys like finding a good bargain as much as I do. I’d like to make this a regular thing as long as I can continue to find enough options to share.

I like to look for pieces that come at different price points allowing everyone to achieve the same look according to what fits their wallet. I gotta’ say, this time I found some really good comparisons that are super affordable and perfect as we begin to make our transition from hot to a little cooler weather.

I have the “save” camo pants and love them. They are really comfortable and a fun twist to my typical every day jeans.

Both versions of the cardigans are very similar. I purchased 2 of the “spend” from Nordstrom during the sale and really like them. They are a great length, very comfortable, soft and I actually like that the pockets are on the outside vs. being placed right at my hips on the inside, where they tend to add unwanted bulk like some other sweaters I have do.

I will tell you though, if I hadn’t already purchased the two I did, I’d be really tempted by the one that looks almost identical from Target. The Target option (shown below) comes in about 12 colors and a few of them are even already on clearance for $16 and some change.

I’ve also ordered the “save” pair of animal print espadrilles and hopefully they’ll be waiting for me when I get home.

You can find shop all these options here…

And because you know I can’t resist a good meme.
Hope your week starts out great!

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