Beauty and Versatility in a Blouse

Good Monday morning friends! A new week, a clean slate, a do-over of sorts. That’s what every Monday brings with it. I guess if you can look at it that way, then it’s not so bad that the weekend is over.

There are still days of summer left to enjoy, but for a lot of you, your kids are already going back to school. This is the first time in almost 20 years I haven’t had that milestone. While Katie will be starting back to college next Monday it’s different because she wasn’t here this summer. I’ve gotta’ be 💯honest with y’all and tell you that the first two weeks when she should have been home I struggled just a little, it really hit me that this is it. WE ARE EMPTY NESTERS.

I couldn’t be more thrilled that my kids are thriving and living their best lives.  You know what they say….

Now let’s talk fashion. During the recent sale that shall remain nameless😉(because aren’t you just sick to death of hearing about it?) I picked up a great piece that can be worn in summer and then into fall giving you more bang for your buck, and who doesn’t want that?!

While I was quickly filling my cart with all sorts of sale goodness, this navy blouse caught my eye. I had a hot pink one almost identical too it but with short sleeves several years ago that I loved. I love a v-neck line as I previously talked about in this post, where I shared about how your face shape affects your wardrobe choices.

My first instinct was to pair it with my white jeans. White and navy are so classic and clean and since this blouse has a more polished feel I took it one step further adding heels. It has taken me a while to embrace wearing heels with jeans. Back in the day, if you wore heels with jeans it meant you were a hussie. Well now it’s totally acceptable and makes those jeans more versatile than ever. My favorite sandals are these Nine West Nora block heels. The heel is 3 1/4″ making it tall enough to be pretty, but short enough to be manageable to walk in. I have 3 pairs. Yes, they are that good.

I love my white jeans. Once I found a pair that was thick enough to cover my many indiscretions I was in business. Loft is my go to for white jeans. They have a “curvy” fit that is great for women like me with a little more booty and thicker thighs. #nothighgaphere I’ve bought a new pair the last two years because they keep coming up with cute new hems and I am a sucker for a fun hemline on jeans.

This top could be a real workhorse for your closet. I mean literally, you could wear it to work. HA! So not only can you pair it with jeans, but it will look beautiful with dress pants or a pencil skirt.

Don’t overlook the power of a good statement necklace or print accessory. A bold piece of jewelry can totally transform a more conservative feeling outfit to something with a little more flair. I kept seeing this necklace on a Kellyann and was afraid I wouldn’t be able to carry it off, but I just couldn’t resist, so I finally ordered it. Let me just say that I love it! Mine is no longer available but I am linking some similar options. My leopard clutch is always fun to add into the mix and add some interest. This one has been around for quite a while and has some real stamina. It’s the perfect size. Not so small that you can’t fit all the necessities for an evening out in it, but still small enough to not be your daily bag.

You can shop all these items below, or similar ones for those no longer available. As always, thank you for shopping through my links, as it does make me a little commission enabling me to continue to shop and bring things to you that I think you might like.



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