A Better Makeup Case

Hey friends! I think I make this same statement about every 30 days give or take. I can’t believe it’s (fill in the blank)! Well I really can’t believe it’s August. Where is 2018 going? Someone please slow the roll and let us keep summer a few more months. I love the summer and the longer days that come with it.

Don’t you just love having something all nice and new? There are just some things in life I love to replace. I love a new toothbrush. I love getting new towels or new pillows on my sofa. A new purse? Yes!!! I also think it’s fun to get a new makeup case from time to time. You know how your old one gets all nasty and full of powder and gunk? Yeah, there’s just something about a nice new clean bag for all that makeup we love to use.

I was recently approached by Joligrace, a company that was new to me to try their makeup cases. They offer a selection of carrying cases ranging is size from travel to a much larger train case. I am pretty minimal when it comes to my makeup routine and don’t use that many products. I’m not a huge collector of makeup items either, so I knew the larger train case would not be for me. I saw these “mini” travel cases with removable tray dividers and knew they would be more my speed. The word “mini” is misleading though, because these bags are anything but mini. I guess in relation to the train cases they might be, but I would consider them to be more of a medium size.

The bags are nice and sturdy and made of good materials. The construction of them reminds of the lunch boxes I carried as a kid, and now that I think about it, that would actually be a great use for one. I really like how you can reposition the dividers in the case to make compartments to fit your personal needs. It’s kinda of like a puzzle for grown ups. The lid/top has a place for brushes and a zipper compartment that could be used for palettes that are too large for the compartments.  I’m able to fit all of my cosmetics plus some of my skin care in one bag along with ponytails and clips that I use, making it really easy to just pick up the case, zip it and put it in my suitcase for travel.

There is a flap to cover and protect your brushes which will also help keep the interior of the box clean.

When I was thinking of ways to use these bags I thought one would be perfect for holding nail-polish and extra lipsticks. They both stand perfectly in the compartments and nail files can go in the pockets where the brushes are. Just zip the top, pick it up and have all your nail things in one place when you’re ready to give yourself a manicure.

I know these are made to be makeup bags, but I think you could find so many other uses for them. They would be great for holding paints, pencils or art supplies for kids. The pockets in the lids would be ideal for holding paint brushes, colored pencils, markers or scissors. You could easily organize all those tiny toys and craft supplies and stack them in a closet. They’d also make a great way to store larger pieces of jewelry.

If you’re looking for a new makeup case and a better way to store your cosmetics then check out Joligrace. They have a sale going on right now and if use the code JG10 you can get $10 off.

Disclosure: These bags were provided to me. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



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