Friday Favorites #113 – Nordstrom Sale Try On

Hello Friday and hello vacation eve!!! Tomorrow we leave bright and early and make our trek to Gulf Shores, AL and a week full of nothing but sun, sand, fun and food. YASSSS!!!!

Today is kind of like round two of the anniversary sale that is now open for the public. I figured it would be a great time to share the things I was able to order for in store pick up last week. Only a few things have been delivered so far from my things that had to be shipped. The majority of them will arrive next week while I’m on vacation. 😩 Hopefully my next door neighbor will be able to put them inside for me. #thankheavensforthem


You may have seen me sharing this earlier this week on my Instastories, if not, you missed it out. LOL These are two of the things I ordered. The Zella high waist leggings are wonderful. Katie and I both got the capri version last year and have worn them over and over. This year I ordered us the long  black pair and the short gray pair. The high waist holds you in and makes it impossible to have a muffin top. #YASS I size up to a medium in these leggings or they are so tight around my middle it’s uncomfortable and Katie does the same thing.

The second thing is the “wubby fleece pullover”. How can something called “wubby” not be super soft? I equated to wearing a stuffed animal. The softness of this pullover is unlike anything I’ve ever worn. Dare I say it? It might even be softer than a blardigan. Whaaaat? Yes ladies, it’s that soft. I’m wearing a small and if fits well, but if you like pullovers and sweatshirts to be slightly oversized, you might want to size up.


I ordered quite a few pairs of booties and these Sam Edelmans are the front runners. The heel is slightly lower than some of the other choices, and I’m all about that. I’m just to darn practical for my own good. I love the caramel color of these too. I ordered a 7 (my usual size), but ended up going back for a 7 1/2 so I could wear a little sock liner with them. I could tell they might rub if I didn’t and honestly, I just like to wear a little sockie with all my booties. I also got these Vince Camuto peep toe booties, but they are a 4″ heel and higher than I like for daily wear and comfort.

The B.P. Curve Hem Cardigan is a slightly cheaper option to the Leith Circle cardi. I bought the Leith in blush last year and have worn it so much. When I bought it I was so excited about the pockets, but they hit right at my hips and just add bulk that frankly I neither need nor want. #idontneedhelpinthatdepartment  The. B.P.version is so similar and the pockets are on the outside. It’s a great weight and I think I’ll really like it. I sized down to an extra-small after getting the small and feeling it was too big.


I told y’all I went a little ape crazy in the shoe department and I wasn’t lying. I am a lot of things, but a liar isn’t one of them. HA! Mules are big again this season and I’ve been thinking I’d like a pair with a heel. These are B.P.  too. The website says these are a 4″ heel, but they don’t look like it and #yay they don’t feel like it either. They are going to look really cute with so many things and be a great transition shoe as well. I bought my normal 7 and they are great. At first I was worried they were a little wide, but I think I can manage. Keep in mind my feet are pretty narrow.


Okay, I’ve got to be honest. I didn’t order this sweater in my first batch, but I saw it on Cyndi Spivey and thought it was cute, which it is, but I ended up taking it back. I just knew I wouldn’t really wear it. That’s something I’m trying to be better about, not keeping things if I really don’t think I love them. I’m not a big fan of the balloon sleeves either, so there’s that. I sized down to an extra small in this sweater.


More shoes! I have a pair of black booties that I bought year before last during the sale, but these are slightly dressier. I was really torn between gray and black but ultimately went with the black. I think I could probably put them with leggings and they would look cute too.

Speaking of leggings, I also bought the Spanx faux leather leggings and they are the bomb. I bought them last year and chickened out and returned them, then regretted it all winter. Not this time.



You can probably already predict what it is I love about these pajamas. They are soooo soft and who doesn’t love to wear something soft when it’s time to relax and rest? I’m wearing a medium here because I like my PJ’s to fit loosely.


I was really excited about these Lucky wedges. Here’s a good comparison of them and the Sam Edelman pair. The wedges are slightly higher than the other booties and in the end, comfort and the caramel color won out. I’m returning the wedges, which I think run true to size.




I looked at these blankets last year and didn’t get any, but this year I just couldn’t pass them up after seeing them in the store. They are so cuddly and soft. #givemeallthesoftthings At under $26 these are perfect to throw on the sofa, bed, chair or anywhere you want to add some color. They will also make great gifts for newlyweds {wink, wink} or for Christmas.



These jeans were a real miss for me, but I must be the odd man out. They sold out, but I’m guessing will be restocked, but perhaps in limited quantities. I ordered my normal size (28) and they were: A – really tight, B – too long, and C – high-waisted, which does not work well on this short-waisted girl. Going back…today!


Last but not least, these tall Sam Edelman boots in black suede. All last winter I wished I had a dressier pair of boots to wear with dresses and skirts. When these came I first thought they were going to be tall in the shaft for my leg, but then after looking a little more, I decided I could pull them off. YAY!!! They are really pretty and the heel height is 3 3/4″. I don’t know about you, but that quarter inch between 3 3/4″ and 4″ is a big difference. #strangebuttrue I ordered my normal size.

Okay friends. Go forth and shop! Get er’ done! Have fun and have a great weekend!!!!



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