Are You Still Ironing?

Happy Hump Day friends, or maybe I should say Happy #Nsale Eve. LOL. I swear the anticipation of this sale is greater for bloggers than Christmas. What the heck? I may steal over to Nordstrom today and just see if I can sneak a peak at what they have before the sale goes live for card holders tonight at midnight.

Meanwhile, back in reality lets talk about the daily grind and those chores most of us hate, starting with ironing. Do you still iron? There are certain things I continue to iron like pillow cases, the tops of sheets, {I know, I know, I’m sick that way} and some of  mine and Kent’s clothes. When the kids were little I ironed ALL of their cute little clothes.

There are also quite a few things that I use a steamer for. Once you have one of these handy gadgets you wonder how you ever got along without it.

Mine’s not just your everyday run of the mill steamer though, it comes with a bio of it’s own. It had a brush with fame back in the early 2000’s. My steamer was from the set of the Hannibal movie. Much of the movie Hannibal was filmed in downtown Richmond, VA.

My cousin is/was a set designer and worked on the set of Hannibal. They would purchase all kinds of things to dress homes, sets and areas being used for filming and once the film was over there was a big sale to liquidate all that “stuff”. My mom was able to go to the sale because of the connection with my cousin and one of the things she bought was this steamer for me. {On a side note: Her dishwasher in their old house was also from Hannibal)

I use my steamer for all kinds of things, not just clothing. I washed both pairs of my white jeans this week and because I hang them to dry they get really wrinkled. I didn’t want to fool with ironing, so I turned to my steamer. I have the perfect spot for it in my linen closet which is just down the hall from my laundry room.

I use the plug on the wall right outside of the closet to plug it in.

You have to be super careful when using a steamer because as you’d expect the steam is smokin’ hot. Steam burns are some of the worst burns. #speakingfromexperience

See what a great job this did on my jeans. I steamed the leg on the left and you can see a huge difference. It’s really fast and great for times when something needs a touch up and you don’t want to drag out the ironing board and iron.

Some of the other things I like to use my steamer for are:

  • Dresses, blouses, skirts with tiered ruffles (like the one peaking out in the picture)
  • Any and all ruffled items
  • Items that I’ve ordered and have lots of fold marks in them
  • Curtains and drapes (you can do them while they are hanging)
  • Large bed linens like comforters. You can steam them on the bed.
  • Clothes that have been folded in suitcases after travel
  • Touching up Kent’s suits when needed
  • Re-creasing pants
  • Table cloths can be done (carefully) on tables. Just be careful not to let too much moisture on the wood.
  • Formal dresses (it’s so incredibly great for this!)


This is my steamer. I’ve had it close to 20 years and it’s still going strong. Initially it’s an investment, but one that pays off quickly. There are cheaper models available and I’m linking a couple of those as well.

There are also more economical and portable hand held versions. I personally haven’t used this type, but I know some people even travel with steamers. I’m linking two different hand held versions that each have 600-700 5-star reviews.

So there you go. Do you already own a steamer? We had to borrow one for the wedding to steam Erin’s veil. Just one more thing that it can be used for.

Have a great Wednesday!!!



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