Where Have I Been?

Good morning friends! Well it would seem I just fell off the blogosphere last week. I managed to get the Ageless Style post done, but that was it.

Last Saturday morning we were sitting around talking about our day when the phone rang, and it was Kent’s mom. His father had suffered a heart attack or stroke (in was unsure at the time) and been taken to the hospital. When the event occurred he lost consciousness and they worked on him an hour to get his heart working. Kent’s parents are in their late 80’s, so we knew this day was coming but it was still shocking. I immediately booked us flights to Oklahoma and we got there late Saturday night. Rather than going into all the details, I’ll just tell you that he was put on life support. We were finally able to make the decision to have that removed and he passed away quickly after that on Tuesday. Needless to say we had a super busy and emotional 8 days. We returned home last night.

Kent’s mom was completely dependent upon his dad, in every single way. She didn’t even know where the trash went. Thankfully they had relocated to a retirement community two years ago where she will have a wonderful support system and their church will also be another great resource.

We are so lucky that some of our dearest friends live in the same town and go to church with his parents. They were so sweet and without hesitation opened their home to us without blinking an eye and it was our home base for 8 days. This is a family with 4 kids of their own and a nephew living with them for part of the summer. All of the kids are great musicians and there is always music in the house. It is so fun!

Our kids drove out for the funeral, and I did take this picture of the newlyweds but didn’t get any of Katie. #momfail

Heidi and Jason have a pool in their backyard and while Kent was getting some things taken care of for his mom on Saturday I was all too happy to spend a little time in the sun floating on a giant shell raft. #takeonefortheteam

Heidi and Jason also own a farm in a town about 25 minutes from their house. They have a baby calf that lost its mama and they’ve been bottle feeding for 6 weeks. We went out to see it the last night we were there. She was a little skittish so Heidi started her feeding and then I very slowly moved in so I could. #firsttimeforeverything #doesthismakemeafarmer

On our way back from the farm we stopped at a place called “Pops” on Route 66. They sell all kinds of soda, from regular to crazy nasty stuff.

Friends are a blessing in all stages of life, but having friendships that last though decades is truly a gift. This is a family we had our kids with and did play groups, birthday parties and all the fun things and now we are there to support each other in the not so fun times, but it sure makes it a lot easier when you’re surrounded by people you love.

Now it’s time for me to get back to real life. I’ve been home 3 days in the last 2 1/2 weeks being book-ended between a wedding and a funeral. I need to do all the things starting with laundry and groceries.

Have a great week!!!




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