Back to Basics

Sometimes it’s good to just get back to basics. No fancy prints, just good ol’ black and white. I forget just how crisp these two look together until I see them in black and white. HA! For most of us there are certain things we all have in our closets. I’d guess white jeans or shorts and a plethora of black tops fall into this category.

 I added these jeans this year even though I really didn’t need them. Wait, did I really just say that? Shhh, don’t tell Kent.😉Anyway, the cute double frayed hem was just too much for me to resist. I mean if one frayed hem is good, than two has to be better. It’s funny how a small detail like that can make a huge difference in a basic pair of pants.


I grabbed one of my favorite black tees and just like the jeans, the ruffles on the sleeves make it so cute. I got it last year, but I found a lot of cute options to link to below, all of which have some fun detail of some kind on them. I didn’t add a big necklace because I chose to wear a favorite pair of statement earrings.


The last thing needed to jazz this look up was a little leopard on my shoes. When in doubt, add an animal print. A little leopard is almost always going to be a good idea. You can add it in the form of shoes, belts, purses or even earrings. My Nickel & Suede leopard earrings get worn all.the.time. If you haven’t taken the plunge and started wearing leopard, what are you waiting for? Leopard is only scary if you run up on in the dark, not in your closet. HA!


We don’t have to always buy something new, sometimes the basics we already have are perfect. Black and white are also great items to have if you are trying to build a capsule wardrobe or packing for a trip and want things to mix and match.



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