Loving Loft Ruffles For Spring

Love is in the air and tomorrow I will be too. HA! Y’all know I’m bursting with excitement, right? Yes, sir-re-Bob! I can tell you what’s not exciting me is our fickle weather. One day it’s in the 80’s and the next it’s back in the 50’s & 60’s. Are you kidding me? As much as I love the mild winters we get to experience here in California, I miss a good old hot southern summer. I know, I know, some of y’all think I’m out of my ever-loving mind. When you grow up in the heat and humidity, you are used to it. I just want to be able to wear all of my cute spring and summer clothes without consulting the weather app first.  These days I’m still dressing in layers.

Loft has had some really cute pieces this spring and this top is one I ordered during one of their recent sales. Oh and by the way, right now shorts and tees are 50% off and sale merchandise is an additional 40% off and there are a lot of cute bargains to be had.

Before I get to this top, can we just talk about the double frayed hem on these jeans? I think they are so cute. Loft is the only place I can find white jeans that are thick enough to cover up my problem areas. White is very unforgiving but these jeans are great. I ordered a pair last year with a raw edge hem and wore them all the time so I didn’t really need these, but I couldn’t resist the cuteness.

This shell actually comes in a variety of prints and solids and can be worn almost any way imaginable. It’s cute dressed down with jeans or shorts, but can just as easily be dressed up for work with dress pants or a cute skirt, it’s a real workhorse piece.


I love a blouse with feminine touches like little ruffles at the neck and sleeve that are sweet without being overpowering. The key for me is just that, not being overpowering. I see so many adorable ruffled frocks on people and I love the look, but when I put them on I feel like the ruffles are wearing me instead of me wearing the ruffles. These little ruffles don’t make me feel like that at all. I feel the perfect amount of twirly-girly without being overpowered.

There is a touch of coral in this print and I’m thinking I can probably even pair it with my coral pants from Loft that I got last year. Mixing bright colors is always a look I love but seem to rarely remember to do. Now if I can just get the weather man to act right and send us spring. I’ve got several cute new pieces to wear and they are all hanging in my closet taunting me. Not to worry, today they will be going in my suitcase and making their debut at all kinds of festivities this week.

Alrighty friends, that’s it for this fine Monday. I’ve got an appointment to get my fingers and toes done, suitcases to pack and all the things to finish. Have a great day!



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