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Happy Hump Day friends! You know, we’ve been having these gorgeous sunny days and then I see all these posts on Facebook by friends in Minnesota talking about the snow they are getting. UGH! Y’all, it’s crazy how different the weather can be all over this big country we live in. I’ll tell you, one thing’s sure and two things are certain (that’s an expression from my dad😉) I.do.not.miss having snow in April!!! I’m so happy to be in a more moderate climate. Okay, enough of the weather reporting. Let’s get to something you’ll hopefully find a little more interesting and informative.

I was in Old Navy and Target recently and decided to try a few things on, so I’ll share them with you. Let me just say, that just because I try something on doesn’t mean I’d necessarily purchase it. I’m just showing you what caught my eye and how it looks on a “real person”. I only wish I could buy every thing I try on, but let’s face it, that’s just not how life works.

This sweatshirt from Old Navy was so soft and I was surprised by how much I liked it. I guess I wasn’t alone because it’s no longer available on the website, but I’m linking to this one in the same color.

I do think I’m going to have to break down and buy this sweater though. Every time I go in the store I look at it. Kellyann has it in navy and it’s so cute. The weight is great (ha-rhyme) for spring and summer. Oh and these jeans are some of the ones with built-in sculpt, and I love them!

This little angel sleeve (at least that’s what I’m calling them) and peplum top is really a cutie too. It would be great paired with some white denim.

I also adored this little popover  with the angel sleeve. I think they are really called flutter sleeves, but angel sleeve sounds so sweet and that’s what we called them on the little smocked dresses when Katie was a tot so it gives me all the warm feelings.

This is a great basic striped tee with a little extra personality in the form of bell sleeves and tie neck. The jeans have a side stripe detail of a slightly lighter denim and are straight cut. These would be really cute on a taller person, but I just looked like I was wearing a box.

I finally got one of these tunics that I think every blogger in America had except for me. Love it! Love the length (covers all the parts), the color (perfect for spring and summer), the weight(light, but still covered for those in-between days). Love that it matches my La Croix can. Hahaha! What took me so long??? AND it comes in yellow, so after yesterdays yellow post, I’m thinking maybe it needs to come live with me too.

Moving on to Target. They’ve got a couple of new lines after discontinuing some of their others. I’ll have to tell you that my Target isn’t the best as far as selection goes, but on this day I did find several things to try.

I find myself drawn to elastic waist dresses and every single time I try them on, I reminded why I don’t have any. I think short-waisted girls and elastic waists don’t get along. This dress is made of a really nice, thick fabric and I love the cut, but the elastic just sits right on my hips and says “hey look at me, I’m a pear!”

Same goes for this ah-dorable gingham dress. I keep thinking about it though, and thinking maybe if I added a belt in a solid or even leopard, I could pull it off?

I finally tried this skirt on. I’d seen it in the store and then saw Kellyann wearing it in red. It’s so cute and flattering. It runs large. I thought I was trying on a 6 and when I took it off, it was a 2. I almost had to buy it for that reason alone…LOL. (trust me girls, I am not a 2) You could put a lot of different tops with this skirt, but I grabbed this sweet little angel sleeve (hmmm…think I have a problem?) black tee.

Here’s a prime example of something I tried on, but wouldn’t buy. This tunic did nothing for me, but it would be comfy. Maybe if I sized down in it, it would look better.

This is a cute little summery top and I can’t find it anywhere on the Target site. I think it came in black too, so if you like it, maybe you can find it in your Target. It’s super light weight and would be so stinkin’ cute with shorts and flip flops!

And finally, because is there such a thing as too much chambray? This top has what else…angel sleeves and I like the covered button placket. It’s also a great weight as far as fabric goes. Not thick, but not flimsy.

So what are you trying on lately? I’ve ordered quite a bit from Loft and once it comes in I’ll do a big try on for those things to share with you.

Hope your week is treating you right. We’re already half way to Friday. Crazy!


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