i’m back at home and what a week

GOOD MORNING FRIENDS!!!!  WOW! Am I happy to be back at it and looking forward to catching up on all of your lives. Last week was one for the books. I can’t believe it’s been an entire week since I’ve blogged and shared anything with y’all. If you missed last Monday’s post you can read that HERE and find out what precipitated my absence for the week.  Thank you for all your sweet words and kind wishes for Katie’s health. She must have had a weird virus. All her blood work came back normal and by the middle of the week she was pretty much back to her self. Thank goodness! So now, I’ll share some highlights from the week.

Spring has sprung in Nashville and the trees were gorgeous. This is on the campus where Katie goes to school. It’s really a beautiful place.

This wasn’t my typical go visit, visit. My friend Elizabeth had been out here to visit the week of spring break and while she was here her daughter (who was in KY at school) developed a terrible infection in her knee. To make a really long story short, it was cellulitis.  She ended up in the hospital and had to have surgery. Now she’s got to have antibiotics 3X a day, through IV administered at home for at least 2 weeks. Needless to say, it’s been quite the ordeal. The good news is I was able to at least be of a little help to her. What it also meant was that I ended up sleeping what felt like all over the place. I spent 3 nights on Benny’s floor on a blow up mattress, 2 nights with my old roommate Kim, and then the last 2 nights I was at Elizabeth’s. I was so ready to get into my bed Saturday night!!

While I was staying with Benny I decided one night to set a cute table for him and Erin, got dinner for them to fix and stayed out until later so they could have a normal evening. I headed to TJMaxx and found all this cute stuff.


While Elizabeth was spending her days at the hospital and all my other friends in Nashville work, that meant I had some time on my hands. I was able to spend some it hanging out with Katie (poor me…lol) She’s has a lot of “dining dollars” that need to be used so I let her buy me coffee everyday and dinner a couple of nights, which technically I was really paying for. HA!

Living that college life in the rain.

I finally met Luke (the boyfriend). He’s a really sweet guy and passed the mama test. He’s also H-U-G-E! He plays soccer for the university. He’s 6’6″ tall. I’m almost 5’3″ tall, so you might notice a slight height difference.

I got to have dinner with college friends one night and we laughed, reminisced and caught up on what’s going on with all of our lives and friends lives.

This is Kim and we were roommates for about 2 1/2 years. I ended up staying with her a couple of nights which was fun.  Her daughter Cassie is also now one of Katie’s friends.

These sweet girls along with Elizabeth and Dawn are throwing a Bridal Shower for Erin next month. We are all sorority sisters, have all been in each others weddings and done the last 25+ years of life together. Carla (on the far right) and I have been friends since we were little girls. Love these women!!!

My friend Dawn lives in Kentucky just about an hour from Nashville, so I met her halfway Friday morning for coffee and a visit. We can sit and talk forever!

I also got to go with Erin and see the venue for the wedding. It’s going to be perfect and has so much character. It will be beautiful filled with family and friends for their special day.

The Easter Bunny came early. I made this cute basket of things for Benny and Erin to share. My favorite part was a deck of cards I had made for them with their engagement pictures on them. Come back on Friday for a picture😉

Katie’s bag had miscellaneous things, but a new Lash Boost is headed her way and of course that meant new mascara too.

Annndddd….without giving it away, I’ll tease you with this picture. I finally found my dress for the wedding and LOVE it! It’s not at all what I was looking for or had pictured, but the girl brought it to me and said “what do you think of this?” I told her I’d try on anything she told me to and boy am I glad I did. It’s beautiful!

So now you’re up to speed my sweet friends! I hope you have a wonderful week ahead. I have so much to do to get caught up from basically 2 weeks off from real life since Katie was here the week before we left.

Have the best day!


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