I guess I can be spontaneous

Happy Monday! We’re only one day away from it being officially spring. Can I get an OH YEAH!?  Now let me bring you up to speed on our weekend.

You’re never going to believe this one (unless you follow me on Instagram…and if you don’t, you need to do that now😉) Y’all know I told you Katie had been sick for the last couple of weeks. I took her to the doctor last Tuesday and had a test done which wasn’t showing what we were thinking might be going on. She continued to feel yucky all week, so Friday morning I called the doctor’s office first thing and by the time I actually got to speak with him it was almost 4:00. I basically asked for blood work and we were able to squeeze into a lab just before they locked the doors. Well Friday night she seemed to bottom out and had absolutely zero energy what so ever. I’m talking we had reservations to go to a restaurant per her request and she didn’t even want to go. You know your girl is sick when she opts to stay home and have waffles. (they were delicious by the way)

You mama’s out there know you will stay curled up on the couch and snuggle with your kids at any age, but you sure hate to see them not feeling up to speed.

Anyway, I’m one of the least spontaneous people on the planet. I got up Saturday morning not having any idea that within 6 hours I’d be on a plane with Katie headed for Nashville. Kent and I decided we really weren’t comfortable with her traveling alone feeling so poorly, and she needed to get back to school,  so we checked and there was a seat available on her flight, we bought it and you just know it was a real bargain purchasing a ticket about 4 hours before take off.😱#yeahright

This meant I had two hours to shower, get ready and PACK for a WEEK…a WEEK…do you understand what I’m saying?

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Well, I’m met the challenge and off we went.


The Oakland airport doesn’t have full length mirrors for blogger selfies, so a half shot it was. HAHAHA!

As soon as I took this picture an older couple got on the plane at the last-minute and I ended up sitting in the center. Oh well.

Benny and Erin picked us up at the airport and we headed straight to one of our favorite spots to eat for dinner.

Are these three not the cutest?❤️

Katie and I spent Saturday night at Benny’s apartment and last night she went back to the dorm and I stayed with Benny. Can I just tell y’all its super weird being in “his” home? It’s the first time I’ve ever stayed with him and it’s a real bazaar feeling.

We are hopeful we’ll get Katie’s blood work back today or tomorrow and find out just what’s going on. She doesn’t feel bad, she just has no energy. Several of her friends have had mono and so that seems like the most likely culprit. Time will tell.

So for the rest of the week, I’ll just suffer through and spend time with my kids and friends here in the great state of Tennessee. Oh woe is me. I’m hoping to take the opportunity to continue the dress hunt. We hit 3 bridal stores last week with no luck. I’ve got one of the dresses I ordered from Nordstrom as a fall back, but I’m still not 100% sold and it’s going to require some major alterations to make it fit.

Y’all cross your fingers that we get the answers to why little missy is so tired (although she did seem more like herself yesterday) and that maybe I’ll find the absolute perfect dress.

I also want to say I’m so sorry to my girls whose blogs I regularly read that I’ve been MIA. With Katie home last week and my friend Elizabeth with us I’ve been pretty busy, and now after reading this you’ll see this week won’t be much different. I miss knowing what’s going on in your lives, but I’m not having much time to do my normal reading. Hopefully next week things will get back to normal.

Have the best week friends.


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