Friday favorites #99

Happy Friday friends! Do I say that every week? I think I do, but I really do want you to have a happy Friday. I’m trying really hard not to have a sad Friday. My friend is leaving today and then Katie goes back to school tomorrow, so I’ve got a little case of the blues setting in already.

Thank you all so much for your kind words and wishes this week for Katie and her possible kidney stone issue. We went to the doctor Monday and without telling the whole story he didn’t think it was anything but did do a test.  She still feels bad so I’m hopeful today the results will show something treatable. She can function, but feels generally tired and “like crap”. I recently read something on Facebook, an article about how doctors should understand when patients come in and say “they feel like crap” and it should be a medical term. I have to tend to agree…LOL I wish I had saved it to share with you, but I can’t find it anywhere. Oh well.

So for this weeks Friday Favorites it’s going to be super short and sweet.

Of course having Katie home. Not that this is the best picture, but it’s the only one we’ve taken this week. #badblogger

We didn’t even take any pictures this week, but here Elizabeth and I are last summer.

Monday’s post on my skincare routine in case you missed it.

Wednesday’s post where I shared this beautiful blue tunic/dress.

That wraps it up. See, short and sweet. Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you back here on Monday!



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