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As I mentioned on Friday I’m so excited and flattered to be asked to join the ladies of the Ageless Style Linkup. In case you’re not familiar with what The Ageless Style Link-Up  is here’s a little info. 

The first Tuesday of every month ten over 40 bloggers present a different style theme and show a myriad of ways to wear it, all the while proving you can still be fashionable and on trend over 40 and beyond.

This month we’re talking details. Details are what can take a few everyday pieces and turn them into a not so everyday outfit. Are you familiar with The Rule of Three? The rule of three comes into play in many areas of life. You can apply it to everything from writing, to photography, to decorating and even fashion. Especially fashion. I choose to add details through accessories. For me this is the easiest way to take apply this rule and amp up your wardrobe.

To start I chose 3 very basic pieces that I’m betting can be found in a lot of closets and will be ideal for the upcoming season transition.

A pair of white jeans, chambray shirt and neutral shoes.

Okay, there’s nothing wrong with this outfit, but there’s also nothing special about it. Watch what happens when I start adding other pieces.

{Basic outfit + cardigan}

Better, right? Just that one added piece took it up a notch and added some more visual interest, but now let’s see what happens when I add a big pearl necklace.

{Basic outfit + cardigan + necklace}

Wow! I don’t know about you, but that looks so much better to me. I also went ahead and did a front tuck with my shirt.

{Basic outfit + cardigan + necklace + animal print tote}

Now we’re talking! So much better. Much more put together and visually interesting.

I’m telling you, with a little thought you can take your everyday outfits and turn them into something eye-catching. I mean, which one of these crazy ladies do you think you’re going to pass on the sidewalk and think, “I really like her outfit”. And I’m telling you, my confidence is so much higher when I feel like I look good. Even taking these pictures, with every layer I added, I felt better about how I looked. So this is more of a formula if you think about it. Try to think about adding layers to your outfit until you feel good about it.


Every month we also have a guest co-host and this month is Shelbee from Shelbee On the Edge. Shelbee is such a sweet heart and a die hard when it comes to sharing her fashion sense (which is totally fun). Not only does she share her passion for fashion (somebody stop me😂) but she also shares her heart for women’s health issues and well being. She’s truly inspirational.  She’s also a perfect example of what I’m talking about today. Shelbee knows how to add layers to outfits and really grab your attention. Check out this post and see what I’m talking about. You can also click on the following links to follow Shelbee on InstagramFacebook, TwitterPinterestBloglovin’Google+

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Thanks for joining me today. I love to hear what you think so chime in in the comments. They are the highlight of my days!


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