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Hey friends! Tah-dah!!! Don’t leave! You’re in the right place. Are you surprised? I decided it was high time I freshened up this space and gave it a facelift. (or got someone else to do it for me…lol) I didn’t mention last week that the 29th was my 2nd Blogiversary. I had planned to do a fun post, but the timing just didn’t work out right for me to get it done to coincide with the new look.

I did however think this would be a prime opportunity to do a little reintroduction. Thankfully I feel pretty safe in saying I know a lot of you are new to Coast to Coast and I know whenever I find a new blog, I always wonder what the backstory is. I usually try to go back and do a little research, but that can be really time consuming so I’m going to share a little info about myself and my family with you today.

I am from Virginia where we lived up until 7 1/2 years ago. That’s when our world became a little topsy-turvy and we started moving. Kent had worked for Circuit City (remember them🤪) for 20 years at their corporate offices in Richmond. He was there right up until the doors closed after being forced to liquidate. That was in early 2009 and when the economy tanked. Jobs were few and far between. We ended up moving to Minnesota in mid 2010 and were there 3 winters years, and then moved to California in 2013. Let me just tell you, these were 2 places I would have never guessed this Virginia girl would end up living.

Wow, if you stuck with me through that story, thanks. So as I was saying, I’m from Virginia and just like my bio says, I’m an East Coast girl now living in a West Coast world. I’m a wife to a very sweet and supportive husband of 25 years and mom of two great kids.

Our son Benny graduated from college in May and works in Nashville as a Mechanical Engineer. He’s engaged to our soon to be daughter-in-love, Erin and will be married the end of May. Erin is an answer to our prayers for a sweet, loving christian mate for him. May will be here in the blink of an eye.

Our daughter is in her sophomore year of college in Nashville studying kinesiology. She plans to go on to PA school when she graduates. She loves her new life in Nashville and has found a wonderful group of friends. God blessed us with two smart cookies.

I have always been lucky to be able to be a stay at home mom, the one thing I always wanted to be. As Katie was nearing the end of her high school years and an empty nest was staring me in the face,  I started wondering what I was going to do once she was gone. I had a couple of ideas. One was joining Rodan + Fields (which I did and have loved) and the other was starting a blog. I’d been mulling around the thought of starting one and found myself frequently thinking, “that would be a good blog post”. Well since that thought kept coming to me and with some not so gentle nudging from Katie, I finally did it and Coast to Coast was born. Y’all know one of the hardest parts to starting a blog is finding the right name, right? Once we finally landed on Coast to Coast it was time to get to work.

Well let me just be the first to tell you that the sweet blogging community I’ve been embraced by has been such a blessing to me. Y’all are just too good to this girl and I love and appreciate y’all so much for continuing to read and comment and follow me as I learn and grow.

Thanks for taking a few minutes out of your day to stop by and see what I have to say.





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