The Perfect Girls Night or Date Night getup

I can’t start this post without wishing YOU a very ❤️Happy Valentine’s Day❤️! I hope it’s filled with chocolate! You know it’s funny, yesterday I was driving and got to thinking about love languages. I really couldn’t think of what mine was and then it dawned on me. It’s CHOCOLATE! LOL Why oh why couldn’t it be something with fewer calories. You know, like a big glass of ice water. Yeah, whatever. Bring on the candy!

top / jeans / heels / clutch / bracelet / necklace / earrings

I ordered this black top and these jeans from Loft during a recent sale. Going to be totally honest here and tell you I left the tags on and only wore them for the sake of these pictures. I wanted to share them with you, and while I loved both items, neither fit me very well. I should have ordered the top in a petite.

I’m so bummed the jeans didn’t fit me well. They look okay, at least I think they do,😉 but the stride is cut too long for me. I’m really short-waisted and these are a “modern cut” for a more slim build. If they had them in curvy, they’d be mine! Jeans with details are hot on the scene this spring. I shared two other pairs in Monday’s post with beautiful embroidery on them.

top / jeans / heels / clutch / bracelet / necklace / earrings

Let’s talk about these sandals for a minute and the fact that my feet are blinding white. Nothing says sexy like untanned feet. Time to pull out the self tanner.  I grabbed these from Target last spring and have worn them so much. I also got them in nude. If you’ve been thinking about this style, you’d better grab them up. They are on clearance and come in just under $26. Cha-ching! Can you say bargain?

I knew my leopard clutch would be the perfect thing to finish off this outfit. This one is the perfect size. It will hold my phone, wet-ones {hello germaphobe} and a lipstick or two with plenty of room left over for whatever else you might need. If you turn it over it’s solid black on the back so really it’s like two bags in one.

I finally got Disqus installed on here correctly for my comment system and I’m so happy. It should have been a lot easier than it was, but here’s how the equation sometimes looks for me


Anyway, thank you for your suggestions and Thank You Carrie, for trying to help me figure it out. Maybe now if someone else has issues, I’ll retain some info long enough to pass it along.

So are you staying in or going out tonight? We are staying in and will go out on a less busy night. I’m making Ina Garten’s steaks. I started making them this way a couple of years ago and we haven’t grilled a steak since. These are deeee-licious!






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