Friday Favorites #95

Happy Friday my people. I love that I can call you my people❤️. Y’all are the best. Do you have a chocolate hangover from Valentine’s Day? I’m going to show you a little farther down what we had for dessert. It was sooooo good and our steaks were just as I predicted…deeee-licious. Seriously, if you’ve never done the stove top to oven method, give it a try. Recipe here. Okay, you aren’t here for me to ramble so let’s see what my favs are this week.

A few weeks ago I went to Trader Joe’s to pick up a few things with a few extra suggestions in hand from a fellow blogger, Jenna Marie of Sincerely Jenna Marie. She shared that she loved these little bars, so I picked them up. Honestly, I didn’t have high hopes for them and oh boy was I wrong. These are some delicious little treats and as my picture says, I love them with a cup of coffee in the afternoon. I’m going to do a post sometime soon with my favorite Trader Joe’s items. I love finding out about hidden gems and other people’s favorites from TJ’s.

Here’s our cheesecake that we had for dessert on Valentine’s Day. This is a recipe I’ve been making for many, many years and shared with quite a few friends. There for a while a group of us were all making this for our families for Valentine’s Day. You can find the recipe here or under the RECIPES tab up top. I had a small springform pan that I used this time which meant I had extra crust and filling so I experimented with making some in mini-muffin tins. They turned out great and are waiting in the freezer for another day.

I chose blush for my and burgundy  for my outfit of choice on the day of love. The pair of pants I’m wearing are only available in a zero, so I’ve linked a similar pair. Is it ever too early in the week to be having those weekend vibes?

Wow, I just realized looking at these pictures that I actually wore pants other than jeans twice this week. These are are olive but it’s hard to tell and they are just like the burgundy and also sold out, but here’s a very similar pair. I grabbed my old chambray shirt (which everyone should have in their closet) and my “grandpa” sweater and had a cute, casual look. I also am noticing that these mules are starting to nudge their way to the front of the shoe line. Watch out leopard flats, they’re comin’ for ya’. (Don’t worry, no shoe could ever replace you my beloved leopard flats)

Accessory Concierge is one of my favorite places to get accessories and they are having a sale this weekend. That’s definitely worth sharing.

Here are 4 of my favorite necklaces I wear on repeat.

Shop some of my favorite pieces here


Seems this week my favorites are an abbreviated version. I finally feel like I have my feet under me with the new design and got the comments all worked out. (insert all the hallelujah hands here).

I hope you have the best weekend.

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