The Best of Nordstrom’s Winter Sale

Hey friends and happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine? Kinda busy. I attended a wonderful retreat for my bible study and got to spend some time in fellowship with our leadership team. We really have such a good time together and during our weekly preparation don’t have much time for just “visiting”.

Nordstrom is having a winter sale with some new markdowns. Some of these things are favorites all the time and some are things we might want to take advantage of during the sale. You know, if you’re a fan of a certain brand or line they carry, do a “search” for it when they have these sales and see what comes up.

My favorite Free People tunic (that I have in two colors) is on sale again. This shirt cycles on and off sale,  has been around a couple of years, and honestly I think it will stay for more. So if you’ve been wanting one, now might be a good time. It’s perfect for layering and makes a great transition piece during the change of seasons.

tunic / similar jacket / necklace / Converse / earrings

This sale is a great time to think about prom season and wedding season {wink, wink} being right around the corner. There are fun pieces of jewelry that will be great for adding spring touches to your outfits. Shoes with cute details. Plaid and peplums on shirts and purses for all occasions.

sweater / jeans / mules / necklace / necklace

Last night when I was working on this post, this sweater was in stock in blush, burgundy and this raspberry color. This morning it’s only showing burgundy, but if you check back periodically it will likely cycle in and out of stock in the other colors. The website suggests sizing down, which I did, but I think I’d prefer my normal size for a little roomier fit.

Here’s an easy way for you to shop all the pretties in the picture up top. Just click the item below and go right to it. Easy peasy.

Here’s to a wonderful start of the week friends. The last full week of February. I can barely wrap my brain around that. Each month brings us a little closer to the wedding. We FaceTimed with Benny yesterday and I said something about it only being about 3 months. He looked like he was going to burst with excitement. You gotta’ love LOVE!


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