Friday Favorites #89

It’s the first Friday Favorites of 2018. How many times this week did you accidentally write 2017 instead of 2018?


It wouldn’t feel like Friday if I didn’t do Friday Favorites so let’s get to it and see what tickled my fancy this week.

I have a set of these measuring spoons and I love them. I’m not a fan of the ones that are all hooked together. I mean, those things are so cumbersome to use. I’ve been looking for another set for a while and struck gold in line at TJMaxx yesterday. Seriously, I was so excited by these silly spoons you wouldn’t believe it. 


Being at home with these two is always a favorite. We had such a great visit in Virginia last week.

Is your house “de-Christmased” yet? It’s so funny how we are so excited to get out all of our Christmas decorations and the warm feeling they give our homes, but as soon as Christmas is over, for me anyway, I can’t wait to reclaim my space and put it all away for another 11 months.

When we travel to places we’ve lived there’s a list of things we want to eat. I’m sure we aren’t alone on this one. If you are local to Richmond, VA and haven’t found Westhampton Bakery on Patterson Avenue yet, GET OVER THERE! They have the BEST chocolate glazed donuts you will ever eat. My dad made sure we got some while we were there and boy-o-boy, they were worth every single stinkin’ calorie. That poor naked one in the corner was for Benny…for some strange reason he also wanted a plain glazed donut. Whatever ?

Guess what came in this week?! Yep, you guessed it. My new Barrington tote. It comes with this storage bag that has a draw string and could be used for multiple things. In case you missed it, you can read about how I won this bag I’d been wanting for over a year here.

Isn’t it darling?

I hope you’re ready to see this bag on repeat because it will definitely be moving to the front of the line.


The antics between these two is almost always fun. They haven’t always been friends the way they are now and it makes this mama’s heart so very happy to see that relationship has finally developed. 

I’m sad to see Katie leave tomorrow, but I also remember being so happy to get back to “my life” and friends when I was here age. We will slip right back into our routine of just the two of us by dinner I’m sure…all the while talking about something funny she did while she was home. 

Detox update

I’ve been starting my mornings off with this “detox” water lemon elixir. Why? Good question. Primarily, it aids in the waking up of the digestive system. I read an article that gave 5 benefits for starting your day with a cup of this:

1 – Eliminate waste – it wakes up the digestive track and gives it a jump start in the morning

2 – Eases digestion and helps eliminate bloating

3 – Prevent kidney stones

4 – Reduce pain and inflammation

5 – Promote weight loss

The drink I’ve been having is 8 oz. warm water, juice of one lemon, 1 T raw unfiltered ACV and Stevia to make it palatable.

I’m beginning to get a little more use to the taste. Even with the Stevia it’s still super tart? and it will never be able to replace my coffee. I just wait a bit before having my first cup.

I made it through almost 2 full days of the detox, but when your college aged daughter is home and she’s just not feeling it and wants food to “chew”, you end things earlier than planned. No worries, though. I do feel like it helped me to get back on track from eating at will for 2 weeks.

Let’s talk bone broth for a second. We went on a wild goose chase looking for the beef bones and finally found them at Whole Foods. I made the broth according to several recipes I’d researched. Tonight I’m making French Onion Soup with it. It is definitely thicker than a regular broth and has a much greasier feel. I’ve heard some people drink it. It’s supposed to be really great for your gut health, but I don’t know that I could drink it. 

There ya’ go friends. What are your thoughts on giving your body a break? Do you have healthy habits you try to incorporate into your daily routine? I’d love for you to share in the comments.

Have a wonderful weekend! I think it’s cold everywhere in the country but here in California, so stay warm!

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