What’s Hot Pink And Furry and The Blended Blog Asks

Happy Monday y’all. We’re officially in December and all things Christmas are on the horizon. It must have been the biggest weekend of the month for parades. We had 2 in the towns on both sides of us and I read about numerous others.  We went to one and enjoyed seeing all the little kids.

In my quest for something festive to wear to Kent’s office party next weekend (which is held during the day) I’ve been ordering things to try. Lou and Grey is one of my favorite brands. It can be found in Loft and there are also Lou and Grey stores. In my book they are best know for the softest knits. I have so many shirts and sweatshirt type shirts from them that I love because they just feel wonderful on.

When I saw this hot pink furry sweater on their website I thought, why not? It came in and the color is gorgeous and it just might be one of the softest things I’ve ever felt….think favorite stuffed animal.

This was a small and the sleeves were really long. It’s really a fun sweater, but I’ll be honest with you when I say I felt like a “muppet” in it. LOL I think it would be gorgeous on a tall, lanky frame, but for me it was a little overwhelming so I did ultimately return it. I had to share it with you though and if you are one of those lucky, tall and thin girls then you just might want to give this a try. On a side note, this necklace is a favorite and can be dressed up or down. I wear it with dressy looks but I’ll throw it on with a cute tee and plaid shirt and it’s just as cute and the leopard clutch is the same. It’s the perfect accessory to dress up or down.

Shop this look here

Today is the day for the The Blended Blog Ask – Holiday Theme?

1. Real or Fake Tree?

We always had real trees until 3 years ago when I got tired of doing all the lights and finally bought a pre-lit tree. Let me just say…LOVE IT! I do miss a real tree, but for now I’ll stick with this.

2. Favorite Christmas Cookie?

Sugar with royal icing

3. Home on Christmas Morning or Travel?

Depends on the year. Now that we no longer live in the same town as my family we switch years. One year we go to them and then they come to us. We were really lucky that when our kids were little they always got to wake up in their own house and come down to see what Santa had brought.

4. Clear or Colored Lights?


5. Send Christmas Cards?

YES! I love receiving Christmas cards especially with pictures on them. I’m always stressed out trying to order the “perfect” card and I’m so relieved when it’s done. I’m working on that right now. 

This is last years, and this years is in process…

6. Favorite Christmas Present Received?

This will sound just awful, but I can’t put my finger on a specific present. I just told Kent yesterday I loved it when I was Katie’s age because my mom did such a great job shopping for clothes for me and it was like getting a new wardrobe at Christmas.

7. Favorite Christmas Present Given?

I love it when we really get to surprise the kids with something and one year I was able to surprise Kent with a Garmin watch for running and another year the kids got a little jeep. That year about 5 families got these that all lived next door to each other without knowing the other was doing it. Christmas morning was a riot with all these kids on the street in their little vehicles.

8. Stockings or no stockings? 


In all our other houses they’ve been hung on the mantel, but in this house they work better on the stairs.

9. Christmas PJ’s?

The kids got new Christmas PJ’s every year and 2 years ago I knew Benny wouldn’t go for it, so Katie and I got matching ones.

10. Favorite Christmas carol?

Mary Did You Know and My Grown Up Christmas List

11. Favorite Holiday Tradition?

Christmas Eve with my parents and the kids getting to open one present

12. Early Shopper or Last Minute? 

A little of both, but probably more last minute. I’m indecisive and always afraid I’ll find a better deal.

13. Favorite Christmas Movie or Show?

A toss up between Elf and Christmas Vacation. Katie got us hooked on Elf several years ago and we love it and we also love to watch Christmas Vacation with my parents. It’s always good for a few laughs.

14. Favorite Holiday Beverage?

Chocolate Punch. This is something we would have every New Year’s Eve with our friends the Shrull’s. It’s like a delicious milk shake.

15. Cookies and Milk for Santa? 

Yes of course and carrots for the reindeer?

Feel free to answer any or all of these questions in the comments. Christmas is the perfect time for reminiscing and getting a little nostalgic. 

Here’s to a great week!



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